Cockatiel Breeding Log Book – A Godsend for Breeders!

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If you are into breeding cockatiels, then I would like to let you know about some useful books you can purchase online just to make the whole process of cockatiel breeding more organized for yourself. By having these useful templates you will be able to keep records of everything relating to your breeding program and … Read more

Looking After and Feeding Baby Cockatiels

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In this post let’s look at feeding baby cockatiels, as well as how to go about looking after them. It is a lot of work for the first few weeks, but the results you get if you are looking for a cockatiel as a pet are remarkable, as the cockatiels are tame and unafraid of … Read more

Cockatiel Mutations And How They Came About

In this article, let us look at some of the cockatiel mutations that have come about over the last few decades. Cockatiel mutations did not happen in the wild, but from breeders experimenting with different colors. Over the past fifty years or so, breeders around the world have managed to make wonderful color mutations from … Read more

Do You Want To Breed Cockatiels?

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Breeding cockatiels easy as long as the breeding pair are satisfied with their nesting arrangements. Male cockatiels will the court all year, so it is possible to breed cockatiels at any time of year. It is also possible for hens to breed more than once a year. Fortune obviously favors breeding in summer. A good breeding pair will be able to produce up to six young in a coupling.

What Should Breeding Cockatiels Eat?

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Many of the problems that people encounter when it comes to breeding cockatiels are, not surprisingly, based on nutrition. Before a chick can hatch from an egg, the egg has to contain enough fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to make the chick. As the chick grows, eventually becoming independent of its parents, the chick … Read more

Breeding Cockatiels – Success Tips To Get Them Going

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Breeding cockatiels is relatively easy in comparison to other larger parrots, all you have to do is make sure the location, nutrition, and numbers are right. If cockatiels are satisfied with the nesting arrangements, some hens will lay and even incubate her eggs even if they have no mate. Breeding Cockatiels Successfully The most common … Read more

Cockatiel Breeding Supplies – What You Need To Breed Cockatiels

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Breeding cockatiels can be easier than you think, but if you want to go into this, there are a few things you will need to consider, as well as some cockatiel breeding supplies that you will need to purchase. Just remember before you decide to breed with your cockatiel, that you may loose him has … Read more