Cockatiel Care Guide – What Do Cockatiels Need?

Here is a cockatiel care guide for you and a list of amenities that you will need before you purchase your Cockatiel.

A cockatiel is a relatively easy and cheap pet to own, especially if you compare with other pets. They keep themselves clean and fed and you will just need to lay out for the basics, in the beginning, to make your cockatiel comfortable and help it feel at home.

Cockatiel Care Guide

Here is a basic cockatiel care guide for you to read through.cockatiel care guide

Here is a short list of what you will need to have in place before you bring your bird home.

1. A Cage – this one is self-explanatory.

Here are a few great examples that you can purchase online.

You will also find some hints and tips on choosing a cage for your cockatiel on the link above.

2. Bowls for the water and the food – you will need two sets of each for ease of changing dishes and cleaning. Sometimes when you purchase the cage, they come standard with food and water bowls.

3. Food including seeds, pellets and fresh fruit and veggies. Hopefully, you will have the latter in your refrigerator already. You can also make your own homemade food. Click here to find out how. You can also order food for your cockatiel online. Find out how by clicking here.

4. A play gym for when your cockatiel is out of his cage (optional).

5. Vitamin and mineral supplement for cockatiels. There are lots available where you just place 5ml in the water bowl. Cuttlefish is also a great mineral supplement to keep in the cage.

6. Some fun and safe toys.

7. An old sheet or towel to cover the cage with at night.

8. Perches of varying diameters and materials (branches also work well).

9. Last but not least, time to give your bird the love and attention it deserves.

To find more relevant information on cockatiel care, click here!

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