Gifts for Bird Lovers – Great Gift Idea For Bird Lovers

If you are looking for great gifts for bird lovers, here is one gift for bird lovers that you can’t go wrong with. It is called Parrot Secrets and you can purchase it in the form of an instant download by clicking for bird lovers

Parrot Secrets is one of those unique gifts for bird lovers or bird owners in your life and if you give this to them, they are sure to love you for it.

For one, Parrot Secrets is unique and different, and two, it will help them immeasurably with looking after their pet parrots of any type.

What is Parrot Secrets and Why is it on Top of my Gift Ideas For Bird Lovers?

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Inside ‘Parrot Secrets’ You Can Learn:

  • How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk
  • Teach Your Parrot To Fly
  • How To Make Your Parrot Perform Any Tricks “On Command”
  • The Bird Training Secrets To Quickly Stop Your Parrot From Biting, Screaming and Feather Plucking!
  • Tricks to keeping your parrot healthy and its plumage beautiful.
  • Potty train your parrot.

“Want An Amazing Collection Of Professional Parrot Training Secrets To Honestly Work Bird Miracles?”

The problem with most types of bad parrot behaviour is that if you don’t know how to handle the behaviour, your bird will just get worse and worse over time.

Do you make these common mistakes with your Parrot?

1. Yelling at your Parrot to “SHUT UP” when it screams
2. Over-reacting and shouting “OOOH”, “AAAH” or “OUCH” whenever it bites
3. Giving your Parrot only seeds to eat
4. Placing the cage near the window overlooking the garden
5. Putting your Parrot above chest level
6. Having a single perch in your Parrot’s cage
7. Placing the food and water bowls just beneath the perch
8. Placing your new Parrot on your shoulders…

Even if you are doing only one of the above, you are inadvertently snowballing bad bird behaviour.

Did you know that you can correct your parrot handling techniques to become a perfect parrot parent in just 15 days?

Who Wrote The Parrot Secrets Package?

Natalie Roberts is the author of this package, and she has over 12 years of experience with all sorts of parrots.

Natalie Roberts story with birds started about 13 years ago when her friend had an Amazon parrot show up mysteriously on his balcony one for bird lovers

He offered the parrot a cracker which he wolfed down and then he took the parrot in as he felt sorry for it.  He kept the parrot roaming free in his house as he didn’t own a cage and he tried to locate an owner by putting ads in the local paper.  In the end be became an unexpected parrot owner as he never did find the original owners.

The parrot was named Polygon and it had a vocabulary of note, but he kept asking for pot seeds. He began to wonder if the ex-owners of the bird were feeding it marijuana. Unfortunately, the bird also had some other unfavourable vocabulary, which caused great embarrassment when guests came around.

Natalie fell in love with parrots when she heard Polygon saying ‘whoa baby! light my fire!’ She never imagined that birds could be so charming and funny.

She started to get her own parrots and learned lots of hard lessons while learning how to train them. But over the years she has gathered hundreds of trick and tips to help keep parrots healthy and happy. She gladly shares these in Parrot Secrets.  She is passionate about parrots and she wants you to have the happiest, healthiest and funniest parrots that you can possibly have.

Owning a parrot isn’t all fun and games, as there are loads of challenges involved when training them, including bloody fingers and ringing eardrums from all the noise, especially if your parrot is a constant screamer. Some birds even scream at night, which doesn’t bode well with your sleep patterns, not to mention the disgruntled neighbours.

It is no fun when those beaks that were designed to crack open hard nuts get around your fingers, ears or other body parts.

So What Will Parrot Secrets Do and Why Is It One Of those Great Gifts For Bird Lovers?

Parrot Secrets is one of those great gifts for bird lovers, as it will show you easy ways to STOP and PREVENT ANY Alfred Hitchcock style feathered nightmares. Parrot Secrets will show you how you too can own a loving, talking, playful feathered family pet.

I haven’t managed to find any bad reviews about this product, and have just purchased it for myself.

For an amazing price of $39,95 at the time of writing this post you can download the following included in parrot secrets instantly:


How to Get Your Parrot To Talk and Do Astonishing Tricks.


How To Get Your Parrot To Love You (Fix your Parrot‘s behavioural problems – Biting, Screaming, etc… with expert Parrot training info).


A Happy Parrot Diet… Important Tips And Warnings


How To Choose Your First Parrot Wisely… Tips And Warnings


SPECIAL BONUS #1 eBOOK: How To Keep Your Parrot Radiantly Healthy

SPECIAL BONUS #2 “Parrot Secrets™ 

For some more reviews on this product, you can Click Here!

If you are a parrot owner, you should know that your bird is not just a pretty decoration for your living space, but can become a member of your family with some loving interaction, care and attention.  The training tips in Parrot Secrets will help you to strengthen your bond with your parrot in ways that you won’t imagine.

There are no parrot problems too difficult to solve – it is all covered in detail. So if you are looking for gifts for bird lovers, this is the ideal one.



  1. Great and comprehensive article on gifts for bird owners. I personally like birds as a pet. I think it stems from having a pet hyacinth ara when I was a kid. It was a funny creature since it could talk, well not talk to have a meaningful interaction but it mainly just mimiced sounds or words that he heard. Great blog you have going on here. Keep posting new content and helping people. Thanks a lot for writing this out for everyone to enjoy!

  2. Wow those are wonderful gift ideas for parrot/bird lovers.

    l always thought parrots learned to talk all on their own and that the feather plucking was natural.

    l just hope teaching a parrot not to scream works, as it drives me nuts. My neighbour has a parrot that screeches or should l say kind of growls?

    Just one question before l go,why does the difference in day time matter when teaching a parrot? Will show your website to my neighbour and hope she learn a trick or two to tame her bird

    1. There are certain times of the day when a bird is sleepy and then others when more receptive to learning. For instance early afternoons, like most humans, they like to rest.

  3. My husband keeps telling me that he wants to get a bird for our 10 year old daughter. I told him that if we got one, we would have to start off with one that is easy to take care of at first. I would want her to learn how to take care of it. Then, maybe we could work our way up to a parrot. 🙂 Thanks for the info,

    ~ Melinda

    1. A cockatiel is the perfect answer for a responsible child, as they are loving, and won’t take your child’s finger off the way a parrot would.

  4. I grew up with birds being a constant fixture in my house. My mom was the one who was the fan and she still is today. She has never really tried to do the things that this gift would teach. So I’m thinking this could be something right up her alley

  5. The Elite Parrots Club would be so much fun if I had a bird. I’ve often wondered how it was possible to train a parrot. Clearly Bird Lady knows her stuff and better yet, she knows how to teach people to train their parrot. The price for a lifetime membership into the Elite Parrots Club was excellent and well worth having the skills to teach and interact with your parrot. Bravo!

  6. I love the idea of parrot gift ideas. I also am very intrigued by this elite parrot’s club by the bird lady. Wow I never knew a such thing existed and that she consults with parrot owners on proper care and talking to one’s parrot. What an inspiration just on its own with or without a parrot. Training a parrot does seem hard, but bird lady has owned a parrot for more than 30 years and that does make her an expert.

  7. Wow I actually never even knew you could get such a comprehensive training package to train your Parrot online like this.

    What impresses me is that it will only take 20 minutes a day to get results. Is that for real?

    I don’t have a bird myself but my brother has two Alexandrine Parrots and they’re awesome. They do talk but not as much as they probably could I think.

    He spoils them so much it’s actually really funny! I’m going to mention this to him I think he’d be keen. I think he would also be interested in some of the other training like diet and the best toys.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Tim

    1. Thanks Tim.

      The reason that it is only twenty minutes a day is that most birds have the concentration span of a two year old. Any longer would be pointless.

  8. Great read! Very well organized and great utilization of images! I am not a bird owner, but this is super useful since Christmas is coming up and I do have some family members that are bird owners! With such little knowledge myself it can be hard to buy for them! Thanks for the insight

  9. The Elite Parrot Club looks like so much fun and I really like the gift. But I must say the membership area looks filled with such quality information. It has just about everything from videos, articles, and interviews. This looks like a must-have for any bird lover out there. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  10. Hi,

    Elite Parrots Club will be a nice place to be. I like parrots because of their colour and their ability to mimic. Thanks for showing where one can train their parrots to do so many things and the other added advantages.

    It is really a good place for bird lovers. Thanks.

    Keep the good work up.


  11. What a great idea. I was looking to give a gift to my cousin who owns a parrot and I was not able to find any information until I came across your website.

    I agree 100% with you that birds are not just a pretty decoration for your houses, they are a member of our family with some loving interaction, care and attention. My cousin parrot is part of the family, we got so attached to him that we want to provide him with only the best.

  12. I really didn’t know that you could train your parrot, or most birds for that matter, like making them do tricks and talking. I just assumed that they mimicked what you say to them. This is a very interesting book and I have a good friend who has had parrots for over 15 years. I will give him this information, so he can check it out. Thank you for sharing! Very interesting post!

  13. Nice. I always like to see and hear parrots talk. I have never seen a live one talk just on TV.

    An interesting point that is answered from the Bird Lady, do birds know what they are saying. I’d like to know that myself.

    I guess when we have pets we tend to think of them less than what they are, especially birds. I can tell from your article that the Bird Lady has a passion for these animals and knows of what she speaks.

    I am going to unburden myself:

    My young daughter got a small bird for her birthday from Grandparents of course. We lived in the south of GA.

    The bird liked to be outside. I forgot to bring him/her in and the poor thing did not make it through an unexpected cold night.

    Information is important. It may sound silly but it still bothers me.

  14. It is common knowledge that you can teach a bird of prey to return to you and hence let it have a good fly around like it would do naturally in the wild.
    Is it possible to teach a cockatiel to come back to you? Has this ever been done with a parrot or other non raptor I wonder?
    I would love to own one of these birds but I would be worried about it being in a cage which is not natural for a bird. I would want to let it fly around. Perhaps a very large aviary would be the answer. What’s your view on this? Ches

    1. I have had birds fly away in the past, but luckily have found them and when they saw me they came to me. I don’t know how they would find their way back on their own, although I am sure some will.

  15. I have a cockatiel at home and he has been alive for about 18 years! I would love all these gift ideas. My poor bird just sits in his cage all day and I’ll occasionally take him out. But he doesn’t fly very well and his wings are not clipped. Great job!

  16. Oh my. I had no idea parrots were so complicated. I am going to get one for my boyfriend. He had one that he absolutely loved but his father left the cage and the windows open and nobody knows what happened to him 🙁 I know this one will not replace the one he lost but I hope it helps. I will refer him to your website

    1. Thanks Crystal. Yes it is always so sad when one loses a loved pet, especially when you don’t know where they are and if they are safe.

  17. Hi there,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    My friend has a parrot, and he doesn’t stop speaking and screaming, and he even bite when someone approaches him. They didn’t receive him that way. He was very nice until they traveled to Thailand for three weeks and someone from the family came over to feed him, and since then he became unsupportable.Do you have any idea why he behaves that way?
    Also, I would like to know if the books you suggest can correct behavior?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. These are the best books that I have found to correct parrot behaviour, although my parrot has always been pretty well behaved. The only reason I can think of is the parrot became lonely and stressed when the family ‘deserted him’ for three weeks and now he needs and wants constant attention and companionship.

  18. This is a great gift idea. Would it work for Cockatoos? My Mom has one. It is so beautiful but it bites and often has a yelling problem. I saw a couple of things that were on the Don’t list such as the feeding bowl and water bowl near the perch and the cage being located facing the garden. I would love for my Mom’s bird to be more of the family instead of an annoyance. I’m looking forward to your response.

    1. This book helps with all ‘parrot type’ birds, including cockatoos. I also have a cockatoo, but a bare-eyed goffin. She used to scream a lot and when she did I covered her up for a few minutes until she quietened down, and then uncovered again. It took a few days, but she never screams anymore, unless something scares her.

      The biting is stopped with a firm no and then ignore technique. It takes a bit of time and patience, but is well worth the effort. A well trained bird gives so much joy for years to come.

  19. This seems incredibly helpful! I’ve never owned a parrot but have had many parakeets through the years. I would love to have a parrot, but just as any type of pet owner, the care of the bird is so important. Owners should learn how to care for it properly and it seems these books will increase the happiness of both owner and parrot once proper behavior is taught and learned!

    1. I agree. People should arm themselves with as much knowledge as they can about their intended pet. Thanks for the comment Lauren.

  20. Good article! I’m curious, why can’t you put your new parrot on your shoulder? Is it a stereotype that they like sitting there? And how come I need more than one perch?

    I know a few people with parrots, and this is great insight as to some things I can avoid doing when visiting them next. Thank you!

    1. Birds sitting on shoulders are fine as they do enjoy, just be wary as if a large parrot suddenly gets a fright, you could be minus an ear lobe.

      It is better to have more than one perch in the cage so that they can move around the cage, like you move from room to room in your house. Different thicknesses of perches also help so their feet are kept exercised and healthy.

      Hope that this helps to answer your questions.

  21. Parrot Secrets sounds great! We have a pet cockatiel who found us one day and ended up staying as part of the family when we couldn’t find his owners, so we have been learning about how to care for him as we’ve gone along. He’s a lovely natured, gentle bird and my son has been wanting to teach him some tricks but we weren’t sure where to start. Parrot Secrets sounds like just what we need and I have to admit I really like the idea of potty training him! (Might save the occasional last minute change of clothes or wiping poo out of my hair before leaving the house!).

    Thanks for a great review and I’d love an update on whether you have had success using Parrot Secrets?



    1. Yes I have tried some of the tips in Parrot Secrets, and they work very well, especially the potty training ones and the ones on training a nervous bird.

      Good luck with your cockatiel and thanks for stopping by.

  22. Great write-up.

    I am in the very, very early stages of looking at the possibility of a bird as a pet. My wife and I have discussed the usual cats and dogs, but can’t come to an agreement (my wife feels they should live outside, I feel they need to live inside). I want very much to have a pet for my kids, and my thoughts turned to a bird, but I have some reservations about whether they would be appropriate for children, especially given the biting. Yes, I know dogs bite and cats scratch, but perhaps due to my unfamiliarity with birds, I find the thought of them biting a bit more concerning.

    This book sounds promising, however, especially given that it has a section on choosing a first parrot.

    What are your thoughts on children and parrots? My elder son is 14, so I am not concerned about him, but his brother is only 4 and an extremely active child, so I worry about him and the parrot freaking each other out.

    I also wonder about the emotional capabilities of birds. I know that they obviously do have emotions and can be playful, but how much do they actually bond with their owners? How demonstrative of their feelings are they? I like a pet that I can bond with, otherwise I would just get some fish.

    Thanks for this review!

    1. I got my first cockatiel when I was 8 then my first budgie at 11. Since then I have never been without a bird. I only got my parrot in my twenties and she is now part of the family. 

      Children should be shown how to handle the birds gently and once tame they never bite. They are just as loving as dogs provided you spend time handling and getting to know them. If worried about the biting, make sure to buy a hand reared bird.

      Birds can be messy with their seed but are very clean animals to keep inside or as we do in our enclosed area outside. 

      You can read more about pet birds and kids here.

  23. My son and I are looking to invest in getting a parrot. My ex-boyfriend…now great friend has one that he has had for years. He has given us parrot fever. So this book is actually something that would be great for me, instead of for a gift. I would love to learn a lot of the stuff that is in the book, of course teaching it how to mimic things we say. Birds are beautiful and fun. I will definitely look into getting this great book!

  24. It looks like that parrot has paint on him. What a beautiful bird.

    I don’t have a parrot, but if I did, I’d need a manual like the one mentioned here. I think it’s important to know how to take proper care of any animal, including birds, and how to play with them, i.e. teach them tricks among other things.

    I love birds and nature. It’s some of the simple pleasures.

  25. Great blog here about where you can find information on where to buy products for your parrot and also where you can purchase the parrot secrets book which is something I will definitely invest in once I get my parrot. 

    I have a parrot at work and once I get enough tip money to get this book I think it would be a great investment and it will give me more opportunities to interact with the parrot at work and hopefully I can get him to like me more and not bite me as much. 

    But again I really enjoyed reading your blog, this is much-needed information for the future.

  26. Parrots are extremely intelligent, given proper training and care. I’ve been hearing a lot of parrot stories telling about how they help to solve a crime. Birds attract fortunate meanings so I think it will be great to have one. 

    A parrot is a good choice because it does not only announce visitors (with their flappings and greetings) but as a great companion as well. Never mind the pecking and all! 

    Parrot Secrets is exactly the right gift for bird owners to help them train their pets and care for them properly. 

    It’s also good to teach parrots with kind words because they can be the reflection of their owners. Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift idea. 

    1. Thanks for stopping by. You are right that parrots are a reflection of their owners, and you really need to be careful what you say, as it is normally repeated by your pet at the wrong moments.

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