Cockatiel Breeding Log Book – A Godsend for Breeders!

If you are into breeding cockatiels, then I would like to let you know about some useful books you can purchase online just to make the whole process of cockatiel breeding more organized for yourself.

By having these useful templates you will be able to keep records of everything relating to your breeding program and see if over the long run you are in actual fact progressing.

Having organized records will also help you to give more information to your buyers, as you will have the exact history of each bird at your fingertips.

This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase anything here, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you the buyer.

If you would like to find out more about the book below and how you can get a copy, click on either the link or the picture of the book in question.

Cockatiel Breeding Log Book: 100 templates logbook for birds, notebook, diary, hatching chicks, eggs, cage, 8″x 10″ record book

This Cockatiel breeding book has 100 breeding templates inside which include:

  • Cage Number
  • Cock Number
  • Variety
  • The date you paired your birds
  • Hen Number
  • Date the eggs are laid
  • Date the eggs hatched
  • Male or Female Information
  • Ring Numbers to keep track of your birds
  • A place to write in the color mutations
  • Dead in Shell or Died information
  • Space for up to 10 chicks and space for other useful notes.

This Cockatiel breeding book has 100 breeding templates inside which include all of the above and is an extremely useful tool for anybody breeding cockatiels.

Cockatiel Breeding Log Book: Record Book for Cockatiel Bird Breeders, 6 by 9 Inches, Funny Forecast Blue Cover

Keep track of your cockatiel breeding with this handy journal.

Each page has spaces for date paired, cage numbers, cock number and variety, hen number and variety, and then information for 10 chicks.

This cockatiel bird breeding journal has 100 pages and is a convenient 6 by 9-inch size.

For those that breed budgerigars, there is a record book available especially for budgies too.

Budgie breeding record book: logbook for birds, notebook, diary, hatching chicks, eggs, cage,100 templates 8″ x 10″

This Budgie breeding book has 100 breeding templates inside which include date paired, cage number, cock number, variety, hen number, date laid, date hatched, male, female, ring numbers, band color, infertile, dead in shell, and died after hatch, chicks up to 10 and space for notes.



  1. I love this post! I think that most admirable attribute of your article is how you do not hold any double standards, For instance, when you mention how being organized help pet owners better prep for cockatiels, you also present your information is a very structured and concise manner. 

    You are also very thorough and comprehensive in describe what all is needed to successfully care and attain these pets. I can assure you that if I wanted one of these pets, I would definitely buy from you. Even though this has never crossed my mind before, your post is so compelling that I deeply considered to purchase your products.

    However, more exposition for the unitiated would help you to curate new customers.

    Keep up the stellar, amazing work!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Just to be clear, I do not sell live pets in any form from this website, simply information and bird accessories.

  2. Hi! I’ve just gone through your article on all about breeding cockatiels review. I found it very informative and interesting too. I think these birds can make good pets because they are friendly, and they like to be touched and rubbed often. Compared to other pets, I think they are the best pets to keep at home. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us, I will be sharing it further too.

  3. I just love cockatiels! We have two of them and their personalities could not be more different. Jazz completely responds to humans and loves nothing more than to have his head rubbed, while Elvis is in his own little world most of the time. When we rub Jazz on the head and neck, Elvis comes close and watches us, but takes off to the other side of the cage if we try to rub his head too. 

    Your website menu looks really interesting and I would love to read your articles, but there is something wrong in your “Customize” settings — I think under Theme Settings. Your website shows up about four inches wide on my computer screen and the only part I can read properly is the menu. You have a really adorable photo of a cockatiel above your menu–He is so tame! Is he one of yours? Please fix your settings so I can check out your interesting website in more detail. 

    1. Thanks for the heads up Lisa, and yes all these birds have little personalities of their own. My one cockatiel loves having its head scratched, and the other not so much but likes me to rub her back.

  4. I would like to read about cockatiels but it looks like the website could be under construction,  there is no content , everything is crammed into to a column on the left side of the page and there is nothing to read. Please try and reset your columns so that the content of your post is visible to readers.    

    1. Thanks. This seems to be an ongoing issue with some of my readers. Maybe I need to change my Theme?

  5. This is a great read and a much-needed article on breeding Cockatiel Birds I wish this would have been available when I was raising birds a few years ago. I just love cockatiels and they sure have different personalities Most are very loving and friendly I used to carry one around on my shoulder and for you guys, the girls love to come up to you and pet your bird, Ha Ha  If I was looking to keep birds again I would certainly find this site invaluable, as it has everything one needs to know about keeping birds.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Walt. This breeding logbook is a must-have for bird breeders to help them stay organized, but if you are just a pet bird owner, there are other things you will need other than this. Hopefully, you get a bird again one day, as they certainly brighten up anyone’s day.

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