Kaytee Bird Seed – Who And What?

Kaytee is a well-known brand for quality bird seed and is known worldwide. Before we look at any Kaytee bird seed and different options you can choose from, let’s look at how Kaytee Bird Seed started out. This post does contain affiliate links, which means that if you decide to purchase anything off of this … Read more

Healthy Bird Treats And How To Prevent and Treat Illness

healthy bird treats

In this post let’s look at how to prevent illness within your bird population, as well as look at some healthy bird treats. In order to see how you can make your own homemade bird food, click here. This post contains affiliate links, which means that I will get a small commission if you decide … Read more

Large Parrot Play Stands Your Bird Will Love

wall mounted activity center

Let’s look at some large parrot play stands that you can order online. The reason I love ordering products online is that they usually end up costing less than going to a store. Do You Need A Parrot Play Stand? Because parrots are flock animals, they rely on companionship for their emotional health. People who … Read more

Grit And Cuttlefish For Birds – Are They Necessary

cuttlefish for birds

You have a pet bird and you have probably seen grit and cuttlefish for birds in your local pet store. Are you wondering if these are necessary items to purchase for your bird and whether or not they are essential? This post contains affiliate links. So What Is Grit? Grit is made up of ground-up … Read more