Cinnamon Cockatiels

cinnamon cockatielCinnamon cockatiels are also known as Isabelle cockatiels. Some people even call them a cinnamon pearl cockatiel.

Mr. van Otterdijk discovered in 1968 that a Belgium bird fancier had been breeding cinnamon cockatiels for a long time.

The cinnamon cockatiel is another common cockatiel mutation and like the lutino, is always inherited in a sex-linked manner.

Cinnamon cockatiels are not seen in the wild because they are a strain bred by breeders.

Cinnamon is called Isabelle in the European countries other than Britain.

Melanin is still produced but the granules produced are brown, not black, and may be slightly smaller than the granules in the normal black form of the cockatiel.

The cinnamon cockatiels are thus a much warmer looking color if you compare them to the normal greys.

The cinnamon melanin, because it does not absorb so much light, gives the feathers a pale, brownish-grey color.

if the yellow background is intense, then the cinnamon cockatiel is a most beautiful pale foxy-brown.

With a light yellow background to the feathers, the bird is a very pale coffee-with-milk color.

As we have seen before, adult male cinnamon cockatiels acquire more melanin than hens or youngsters and therefore the darkest shades of cinnamon are seen in the adult male.

There is however considerable variation, probably because genes affecting the intensity of the grey exist in cockatiels.

Certain exceptional birds are said to be almost as light as lutinos in pigmentation, whereas others are but a few shades lighter than the usual grey birds.

Nowadays cinnamon cockatiels are easier to acquire than they used to be as they have been widely bred worldwide.


  1. Beautiful birds for sure, how are they maintenance wise when compared to other cockatiels, I’d assume similar but still asking to make sure. 

    Are they easy to find if you wanted to purchase one as a pet and are they available in every state? I know some states are different on what animals are legal and not, we live in California so I was just curious.

    1. As far as I know, cinnamon cockatiels are available worldwide, but you may need to visit a few pet shops to find the perfect color combination.

      They are the same to care for as normal cockatiels. A basic diet of seeds and some added fruit and veggies.

  2. Years ago my parents had a cockatiel and absolutely loved it.  He especially loved my dad, and after he retired, they were always together.  

    My dad’s been gone about 12 years now, and my sisters and I are thinking of giving my mom a cockatiel for her birthday.  These look so beautiful, and I think she’d love one!  We live in northwest Illinois, is this a breed that is available in the midwest?

    1. All the cockatiel mutations, including the cinnamons, are available worldwide now with no limitations. You may just need to look for a while if you want the very light colored one. The prettier colors always go the fastest. The normal grey cockatiel is the most easily found in all your local pet shops.

  3. Hey, I am glad I found this site about Cockatiels as pets.

    These are pretty birds these Cinnamon Cockatiels as pets I did not know this. I would not mind having one myself and you say they can be found worldwide I am going to get me one of these cinnamon pearl cockatiels for myself.


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