Cockatiel Breeding Supplies – What You Need To Breed Cockatiels

Breeding cockatiels can be easier than you think, but if you want to go into this, there are a few things you will need to consider, as well as some cockatiel breeding supplies that you will need to purchase.

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Just remember before you decide to breed with your cockatiel, that you may lose him as a pet.  Cockatiels only make good pets if they are not concentrating on breeding and growing up their families.  He may lose interest in you once he starts to breed, which is only natural as his own family must come first.

The best age to breed cockatiels is anywhere from 15 to 24 months old.  Cockatiels that are younger may not be good parents, or have problems like egg binding, which can be fatal.  From 15 months they are emotionally and physically ready.  You will, of course, need a good breeding pair and a pair that actually like each other.

If you want to hand-rear your cockatiel chicks, you can read more here.

cockatiel breeding supplies

Cockatiel Breeding Supplies

First of all, you will need to supply your breeding pair with a good nesting box.

Trixie Cockatiel Breeding Nesting Bird Avery – Cage Box Large

cockatiel breeding suppliesThis one ships from and is sold by Angels Aquatics & Pets.

  • It is made of wood
  • The size is 30 x 20 x 20 cm
  • The hinged lid makes it easy to clean and peek inside
  • It has a landing perch to make it easier for your cockatiels to access the box.

This is the cheapest one that I found online, so it might not necessarily be the best one on the market.

Prevue Pet Products BPV1106 Outside Mount Nest Box for Cockatiel, Large

cockatiel breeding suppliesPrevue Pet creates pet products for owners that have safety and health as their top priority. Prevue Pet ensures nothing but the best in quality material and design for your loved one. Don’t settle for anything less, use Prevue Pet.

  • Quality and performance-driven products for your pet
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your pet with Prevue Pet Products

This box is a better quality than the one above but is about $10 more expensive.

Finch Parakeet Canary Cockatiel Breeder Utility Metal Bird Cage with Divider and Nest Door 30 By 18 By 18 Inch H
cockatiel breeding supplies

  • Cage dimensions: 30 by 18 by 18 inch H
  • 1/2 inch wire spacing, non-toxic safe Epoxy coated finish.
  • Includes four wooden perches, four feeder dishes, a removable middle grate divider, and a pull-out plastic tray
  • Two large lift up front doors and two nest box doors (one on each side panel)
  • Suitable for small birds like finches, canaries, parakeets, and cockatiels.
  • This is a good option if you prefer a caged version of the nesting box.
 If you intend breeding cockatiels, you will also need a large cage like the one below.

32x18x69″ Large Ladder Bird Parrot Aviary Flight Breeding Cockatiel Finch Cagecockatiel breeding supplies

  • Powder-coated wire and Non-Toxic Epoxy finished
  • Rectangular tubes constructed frame
  • Six interior wooden perches, two benches, and ladders
  • Strong wire locks on two front doors
  • Four durable Rolling Casters with two Locks

This tall Rectangle Parrot Bird Cage gives your birds enough room to spread their wings.

It comes with a large storage area. The cart that stands beneath the cage is great for bird toys, food, treats, and accessory storage. This super-designed cage is also great for other small pets such as Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Rats, etc.

Other cockatiel breeding supplies which are necessary for the health of parents and chicks are things like good and nutritious quality food like the one below.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Egg-Cite Food for Cockatiels, 5-Pound Bag

cockatiel breeding supplies

  • High-quality protein provides readily available energy
  • DHA Omega-3 is added for improved growth and development
  • Great nutrition with well-balanced amino acids and fatty acids
  • Egg-riched fortified food is recommended during breeding and molting

Kaytee Forti-Diet Egg-Cite combines farm-fresh egg crumbles with nutritious seeds and grains to create a wholesome daily diet to help your pet to thrive. Egg-based foods are a perfect choice for maintaining the health of your bird. The egg crumbles in KAYTEE Forti-Diet Egg-Cite Egg-riched Fortified Food provide excellent nutrition.

Heritage Farms Bird Nester Refill

cockatiel breeding supplies

  • All natural nesting material.
  • Refills one bird nester.
  • Item is well paired with Heritage Farm Wooden Nester item.
  • Will fill a standard suet basket 3 or 4 times.

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.0 out of 5 stars

 Get Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding for Baby Bird, 18-Ounce at the best price available today.

Now that you have all your cockatiel breeding supplies sorted, you are well on your way to breeding cockatiels like a pro.


  1. I loved this post, thank you so much for all this information. I really enjoyed the way you have kept it light hearted and entertaining. Just out of interest do Cockatiels mate for life? Just wondering because you said they must at least like each other!
    It’s a shame your Cockatiel can lose interest when he breeds but it makes perfect sense.

  2. So are cockatiels more particular about nesting in an enclosed space, hence the wooden nesting boxes? I always figured just having a spacious cage would do well too? I like the designs there with the option opening on the side for you go open. Have you used any of these before?

    1. I have bred with cockatiels in the past and they only lay and sit with an enclosed box. I had a square wooden one (the first one in the post) and it worked well, if not very pretty looking.

  3. I really enjoyed the post. Personally I’m not the best with pets especially one that needs a lot of tending to like the cockatiel but my nephews birthday is coming up and is a huge bird fanatic lol so I might just get him a cockatiel…..apart from the food u recommended is there anything else like around the house u could give it like a particular fruit or vegetable?

      1. Kindly advise me. My cockatiel chicks dead after 6
        to 7 days of birth. Which food is help full for cockatiels? Kindly Advise.

        1. Hi,
          You don’t say if you were hand rearing the birds, or if they were parent fed. Either way ask at your local pet shop what food is best for the chicks. You may just need a more fortified food.
          If you are hand rearing, you need to feed them little bits a lot, so maybe you weren’t feeding them enough.
          Also check that they didn’t pick up any diseases.

          Make sure the box is kept clean, or they could catch a fungal disease. The best time to clean the nesting box is when the parents are outside the box getting food for the chicks. Block the entrance and place the chicks in a bowl lined with paper towel in a warm and draft-free location close to you. Remove all the nesting material, scrape off droppings and spread new nesting material at the bottom. Pine chips are a great choice. As they are larger than the normal pine bedding, which chicks could ingest or be fed accidentally by the parents. Once the box is clean and dry, place the chicks back into the box and return the box to their original location to the breeding pair.

          Hope his all helps in some way.

          You can read this article on what to feed your cockatiel and what not too.

  4. This website is adorable. I don’t know a lot about birds – but I did have a parakeet when I was a kid and I loved her so! She was white with blue on her little head – my parents would let her out of the cage and she’d soar all around the house (sometimes running into mirrors!) – she seemed so affection and loving and happy. She was a terrific little pet.

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