What Do I Do If My Bird Flies Away – Advice To Find Lost Cockatiel

One of the most common accidents that happen with cockatiels is that they fly away. Then you have the problem of trying to find lost cockatiel.

This can happen all too quickly, as your cockatiel can easily escape through an unseen open window, or get a fright and take off through an open door.  Here is some help and tips to find lost cockatiel.find lost cockatiel

Unfortunately, it is hard to find lost cockatiel.

If your cockatiel does fly away, it is highly unlikely that you will get him back, because cockatiels are so aerodynamic and very strong fliers. They can travel a long distance without realizing it, and then not be able to find their way home again.

I have had a couple of incidents where my bird flew away.  The first escaped out of his cage, and I never found him again.  The second one that escaped did it three times and each time he came back, but I think he must be unique, as I haven’t heard of many lost birds that are able to do that.

Cockatiels can fly fast and quickly lose their sense of direction in a matter of minutes, especially if they have been used to being in a cage all their lives.

If despite your best efforts your bird does escape, react quickly for best results. I remember as a child one of our birds flew away, and we chased him around the neighborhood for five hours, but we did eventually coax him back into his cage. I think the temptation of food and water eventually did it.

Just because your cockatiel has shown no interest in flying or leaving his cage, anything could happen. He could get chased by something or even get a fright. If you don’t believe it can happen to your bird, check the lost and found adverts in the newspaper for proof. Chances are that there are more cockatiels in the lost column than the found ones.

Lost cockatiels rarely come home for a number of reasons. They could become prey to predators, join up with flocks of wild parrots or fly so frantically that they end up miles away, and the people that find them don’t live in the same area and so the lost and found ads are never seen.

To prevent your cockatiel from becoming another statistic, make sure that one his wings are kept trimmed. Remember to trim the wings regularly and especially after a molt. Also, make sure that the cockatiel’s cage is secure and the doors lock firmly. The food dishes should also not slide out too easily, as some cockatiels are escape artists (like mine).

Here are some more things you could do to prevent the loss of your cockatiel.

  • Make a recording of his voice. Playing this loudly will help lure him back home.
  • Place the cage in an open spot where the bird will see it with lots of titbits and treats on the floor of the cage to lure him back inside.
  • Keep your cockatiel’s wings trimmed. If they are not trimmed, never take him out of his cage outdoors.
  • Post flyers in yours and surrounding neighborhoods and offer a reward for his return.
  • Try using another caged bird to attract his attention.
  • Let your local vets know that your cockatiel is lost.
  • Last but least, do not give up hope.

Try using the power of the internet.  Advertise online as lots more eyeballs will see your advert to find lost cockatiel.


  1. Lost Grey pied cockatiel male answers to Ajax. Flew out of his cage this morning. Lost in Kingstjorpe area qld 4400

        1. I have three birds escaped this year I cannot believe it. today one of the little cockatiel flew he was few weeks old. I am afraid he’s going to die. He can’t eat by himself

          1. It’s always heartbreaking when this happens, as a lot of the time we don’t see the bird again. I have been very lucky as I have only lost one cockatiel in this way. I have had others fly away, but have always managed to get them back.

            Look at some preventative measures for the future, including clipping their wings if you like to let them out. Another option is a bird harness, but this must be supervised.

    1. My baby bird named baby flew out the door when pizza was delivered shes female and last seen on Jobin Dr Manchester It catcalls are reet roo please call 6033188882 if found. Code number fl left leg includes the code BIG REWARD

      1. Same exact thing happened to me, but my delivery was KFC, my beautiful girl Pee Pee, got startled when he knocked, I opened the door and she flew so fast towards the door, just took off. Last week, a buddy of mine left the patio door open a bit and my other 2 flew off. I got 2 new ones, and I learned some lessons, lol

  2. my poor baby bird flew away today and he was the best I still can not get over it. I am praying he comes back. his name is snit and loves head scratches and whistles la cucaracha. He was lost in EL Monte. Please help me find my baby!

    😢😞😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔 please!😊💕👼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    1. I feel for you as my cockatiel flew off as I moved the cage and the door flew open .. so angry at myself, we are on 5 acres and there is lots of bushlands, and predators like kite hawks. so I pray too for her return. I have put out a cage with food and water and put her friends out so they can call to her, and I have walked solidly whistling around the streets calling her. I will not stop trying.
      They are blessed, little creatures, but good advice especially on cages with secure doors, and trimming wings. Reel so angry at myself.

      1. Same happened to me. I had moved his cage because of exterminating. It is winter, My son & I came in with groceries & my clever Cockatiel had gotten out of the cage. The back door was open just long enough with his flying around the top of the room, for him to flee. It’s winter. Beau (his name) woke me up the next morning from shrieking & following outside birds. I ran to the front deck to see him flying & shrieking loudly. He’s always been a vocal bird. I called to him but he did not come in, flew around with the outside birds & followed them away. I posted on a neighborhood site, put fliers at the street with reward offered for his return, I walk the streets daily in the cold–whistling. I hear many birds chirping loudly, but they will not come near, so I don’t know if he’s one of them or not. I think a neighbor took him in, I really do. I just hope they see the flyers & return him to his family. He is a beloved Cockatiel, like family & we spoiled him. I live in North Carolina near Wilmington. If you see this and know Beau’s fate, please I beg of you to return him. I am a lost human with a lost bird & can’t seem to get over it. Walking cold streets and whistling is not a healthy thing in winter. Please help if you see this & live near Wilmington, NC. T/Y I grieve for my bird. Reward offered.

    2. Please find him he had a mostly yellow head with grey patches, and pink feet with grey spots. He would lean over so you could scratch his head.
      If you rub your finger of a blanket against his chest he would sing. He also would try to breed with your hand if you put out your hand right. I want him home please! Let me know if you find him! I won’t give up hope!

      1. Hey!! Our Lucy flew out the back door on Friday afternoon…. I’ve spent hours looking and continuously whistling high pitched what she’s used too. On Sunday my kids said they could hear her … Much to our delight there she was up on the powerlines across the road. After about 20 min she flew down and hopped into her cage. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 She ate non stop for some time!! Big adventure! Can’t believe we got her back!! Don’t lose hope!!

  3. Diva flew away on 7/12/19, my local bird store said cockatiels can often stay in a one mile radius, her distinguishing mark is NO CREST. She’s pale yellow with white and grey and pearl markings on her back. Friendly bird. we are so sad!

    1. I saw your ad for Diva at Omar’s Exotic bird. My cockatiel flew away in Santa Monica 2 days ago. Have you found your bird ?

  4. My grey cocktail flew away two weeks ago and she meant a lot to me plzzz if someone find her bring her back to me she has red cheeks and grey and a bit white on her plzzzz help me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹️

    1. I have a grey cockatiel who is friendly and sings songs. I found it in Glendale, California. He sing and whistles..If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. Facebook to see a video is Robin Rae Lujan the cover photo is three young girls dressed the same.

  5. I lost my cockatiel Reggi on 8-25-19 in Toledo OH, Whitmer High School area. He’s very friendly and will come to you if you call him. Please keep an eye out for him! He’ my buddy😔

  6. My sweet Cockateil, “ Sunny” escaped this morning in Scituate Massachusetts. He is grey and white with yellow face and orange cheeks. His wings are not clipped and he has been on his own before. We adore him and are hoping beyond hope that someone will find him . Please notify me if you find him.

  7. My son’s grandmother accidentally let out his pet Bernie this morning in East Ivanhoe, Victoria this morning. Bernie has been with us for six years. There have been many tears.

  8. I lost my
    Cockatail yesterday Her ñame Is minnie she is light grey around her stomach and dark grey around her wings with a tad bit of white and her face and cheeks are yellow she was lost in riverhead in New York

  9. Thanks so much for this article. I feel a little better. I thought I am a bad owner. My cockatiel grey and white called Pepper, flew away from the cage on 10-06-2019 in Frisco TX. The cage was not clasped all the way and Pepper’s wings grew so in a way I am a bad owner. I am heart broken and I do not want to have a cockatiel anymore. I have read that even if their wings are clipped, they can still fly. Is there any other bird or big bird that will come back to you even if it did fly.

    1. I don’t think that they don’t want to come back to you, they just get lost. Also if you clip the one wing short, and leave the other the bird won’t be able to fly away. It’s when they are both clipped that they can still fly.

      The only birds that I am aware of that come home are pigeons. This is unless you can find your pet and coax him back to the cage as I have done on two occasions in the past.

  10. On 11 17 19, our dear cockatiel (SIMON) flew off my son’s shoulder at about 3:15–4:00 PM) in Pa (Old Forge area). We are sad and want him returned safely. We are doing what is suggested and hope to find him or hoping he returns on his own. He is yellow with gray and a white chest (yellow crown). He likes unsalted saltine crackers.

  11. Our cockatiel flew away today on Nov 30, 2019 in Falls church, Virginia. Her name was Coco or Cocoshechka and she could even say her own name. I feel so bad and I hope she comes back or someone finds her.

  12. My cockatiel flew away this afternoon while cleaning his cage. He flew to a very high tree. We tried everything possible to get him down, but he only flew to another super high tree.
    We are so heartbroken!! I can’t stop crying. We live in Apopka Fl. His name is Dorian. He is mostly light gray, almost white. Also, his face is completely white.

    I’m praying he comes back. His cage is outside open waiting for him. Tonight is pretty cold. I hope he is ok. We love him so much! We will give $100 to whoever brings it to us!! Call us at 407-924-7031 Madelyn or Naomi 407-383-9408.

  13. My cockatiel flew away yesterday morning. It’s is Sunny. Sunny kept flying around, there’s 5 palm trees by my house and he kept flying from one to the other. This morning we spotted him on the palm tree right next to us, then he flew to the one right in front of our house. I placed it’s cage outside, I am pretty sure it saw it and me right next to it’s cage. I tried so many things so he could come down but nothing. I even call the fire department, they didn’t want to help. He stayed in the palm tree for about a little more than 6 hours, then it flew away. I haven’t seen it since then. My children and I are very sad 🙁 we love our bird. We miss him sooo much. The house is sad and quite. 🙁 We pray he comes back home

  14. My bird is a female cockatiel and is Gray with white on her back and tail.She has parts of yellow on her tail and has a partly yellow face with orange cheeks.I live in South Africa Durban in Brayford near the plaza.Please help me I love her so much she’s helped me through depression as a 14 year old girl I need her with me just a warning she is friendly until she comes close or you go close the she attacks you or flies away looking for me

  15. Lost both of my cockatiels tis morning cleaning their cage only had them 10months so mad at my self have to replace them i live in Virginia village Virginia beach will give big reward

  16. Coco is a 40 day old cockatiel born on valintines day. He got lost today. Every time I’m outside I still hear distant chirps that sound like him, but I know it’s not. I hope he lives.

  17. My baby little bird flew out yesterday, he was the best. Only 9 months old. His name is Butters and was lost in Fremont. Please help me!

  18. I lost mine today! I went outside to meet my sister and Juju flew away. I played her voice for hours and nothing. Her cage is outside waiting. My sister is going to try whistling to her in morning as she is in another state. Been crying since and it’s been 5 hours. I keep going outside calling her.

      1. Lost a yellow and gray cockatiel in Lockport,NY. His name is Tookie, loves to whistle the cat call and Andy Giffen song.

  19. My tiel, Banjo, got spooked and flew right out of a partially opened door. I’m so devastated 😭😭 I have been searching for him daily for hours, talking to neighbors, social media-ing, doing Craigslist. He is just 9 months old. I live in Panama City Florida (Southport/Lynn Haven area). Please be on the lookout for me!! He is gray and white with a bright yellow head, he is banded but not chipped. Call me 706-483-3299, my name is Kim ♥️♥️

  20. I learned that, once u get a new cockatiel, u gotta leave it in its cage for a few days so it gets used to it for a while. then u can try taming or training it. because if you don’t keep it in there long enough, it will fly off and will never go back again. this happened to me, and then a few weeks I saw it dead when I was talking a walk, I think a cat caught it and it wasn’t able to fly since it was just a baby cockatiel.

    1. It’s always better to let your new bird settle for a few days in its new cage and environment, but even this won’t prevent it from flying away. Accidents happen quickly, and if they get a fright and fly, they get lost and don’t know how to find their way back.
      So sorry to hear about your cockatiel.

  21. Our cocktail flew away this morning and our entire family is devastated. If anyone finds him please call me 3105007799. His name is Pika he is white and little orange. He sings and is extremely friendly. We live in Northridge Ca. We are completely devastated:(

  22. My yellow cockatiel escaped in Santa Clara Eugene area on January 14.He is 12and his name is peewee. Please let me know if you find him!

  23. My Cockatiel Abusson flew away 8 weeks ago and I got him back miraculously but he doesn’t seem to be like he was before, he sort of responds to his name but he seems very unsure of us and he won’t come to us when called we try to pick him up and he just flys back to his cage, if anyone could give me some advice it would be really helpful

    1. He is probably a little traumatized and his cage is his security. Give it time and patience and he will hopefully forget his ordeal. You were incredibly lucky to get him back.

  24. Hello, my beautiful CoCo escaped today and flew away, it was earlier this morning and very windy, we ran out instantly and called and whistled, I could hear her getting further and further away. We walked the streets for hours and my husband sat outside the whole day after that in between us walking and looking for her. We’ve heard nothing since and have not seen her, she’s so beautiful, a white face pearl pied that’s about a year old. She just laid her first hatch of eggs a few weeks ago so I’m so shocked she got out and took off like that. It was a stupid mistake as I’m sure everyone else feels, I’m absolutely devastated, she is my heart. I’ve already made flyers and posted all around the neighborhood and social media, my worry is that it’s very cold today and even more tonight down in the 20’s, does anyone know if they can survive in that type of cold?
    I have her cage on the porch with millet and a blanket and heater over the back, praying so much she comes back, or is at least safe and warm. I live in Mooresville, NC. 470-213-9680.
    Trying to stop crying and not lose hope

  25. Lost my 4 month old grey yellow pastel face cockatiel today in Corona, CA. She isn’t tamed yet and it just hurts so much. If you see her around the 92882 area, please email me. She’s grey with yellow cheeks and her tail feathers aren’t in the best shape. Please let me know if you see her.

  26. Hi, my bird named Kiwi flew away and in 1 month it was going to be his birthday for the first time. I am so mad he left me. I live in Maritius.

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