My A to Z on Cockatiels

My A to Z on Cockatielsa to z on cockatielsAverage Life Span:  16 – 25 years

Better Parents:  The Males

Country of Origin: The Australian Continent

Delightful Companions:   They each have a character of their own

Eggs:   Average laid 5 – 10

Fondness for:   Having their heads scratched

Great Pets:   Affectionate and entertaining pets

Health Checks:   Once a year for full check by your vet

Incubation time for eggs:  17 to 24 days

Joyful:   Great pets and show great joy at seeing you

Keen learners:   Love learning, so keep your cockatiel interested

Little Ones Weaned:   Usually at eight weeks

Mature Sexually:   12 to 24 months

Nutrition:   Variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, and pellets

Original Species Name:  Nymphicus Hollandicus

Popularity: One of the most popular pets in the United States

Quiet:  Well a lot quieter than their bigger family members

Rearing of Young:  They are nurturing and affectionate with their young

Size:   12 to 14 inches long

Talking:   Male birds are the best talkers

Ultra easy to Care For – Easier than dogs

Vocals: They prefer whistling to talking

Weight: From 88 to 178 grams

Xtra special Watch out they become part of your family

Yes: The right answer to give if someone offers you a cockatiel

Zee End of my a to z on cockatiels!



  1. This is a great post and the information you have provided is awesome so thankyou. It would seem to me that a cockatiel would be a great companion to have around especially a chatty one, that would be so cool. I did’nt realise that they have such a long life span, and another good reason to have one as a pet. They are so beautiful as well. I feel that you have such good information about them that I could easily have one tomorrow knowing that I have great information about them to be a responsible cockatiel owner, so thanks.

  2. Hello, I absolutely loved your website. I actually have 3 cockatiels. They are beautiful birds and they are such sweethearts. Their names are Precious, Sunshine and Pixie. I loved all the information you had on them including other birds such as an African Gray. Your site was very informational and I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for sharing with us about the beautiful birds and a few extras ;).


  3. What a fun article on cockatiels. Having a cockatiel can be delightful as well as surprising. Mine just talked up a storm to the point where you want to tell him to pipe down. They are truly affectionate and like to be around people. You may be just a big bird to them. One drawback I saw (and overcame) is that they need a warm environment and you have to keep the temperature steady. Other than that, these are great pets and definitely the center of attention. Nice post. Well done.

    1. Yes Warren, they definitely don’t do well in drafts, although the cold hasn’t been a problem with any of mine.

      I like the way you said we may just be a big bird to them. This may well be true.

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