Let’s Look At The Snuggle Up Bird Warmer

If you live in a cold climate it might be a great idea to look at getting either a Snuggle Up Bird Warmer or a Heated Bird Perch for your pet. You could also try a bird blanket, as my parrot loves hers.

Why Do You Need A Bird Warmer?

The first ones to use bird warmers were the farmers who used heat lamps in the poultry industry to keep the chicks warm. Eventually, exotic bird breeders began using lamps to provide emergency heat for their birds and to keep brooders warm for baby birds.

In the wild, birds snuggle up to each other to keep warm and cosy, but if you only have one bird in a cage, he will enjoy snuggling up to his bird warmer or blanket.

Using heat lamps, space heaters, and/or covers will help keep your birds healthy, happy and warm.

I am lucky enough to live in a very temperate climate, so my bird blanket and cover for the cage is enough, but for those of you who suffer from freezing winters you may want to invest in a Snuggle Up Bird Warmer for your pet or even your aviary.

How Do I Know My Bird Is Cold?

First of all make sure you have placed your bird in a room absent of the effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. If your birds still looks “fluffed-up” she may be telling you that she is either cold, stressed or ill.

Once you have ruled out illness, simply supply your bird with some additional warmth with either the use of a cage cover, a blanket or a Snuggle Up Bird Warmer.snuggle up bird warmer

If you purchase a bird warmer, make sure that you place it next to a perch in the cage to make for easier access by the bird.

Where Can I Get A Snuggle Up Bird Warmer?

Luckily a Snuggle Up Bird Warmer is virtually a click away. I have sourced these bird warmers from Amazon, and there is nothing easier than buying online, as your purchases are delivered directly to your doorstep.

Here is a selection of great bird warmers for you to look at. Simply click on the links to find out more. If you do decide to purchase one of these for yourself, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you the buyer.

Bird Warmers To Order Online

K&H PET PRODUCTS Snuggle Up Bird Warmer

  • Protect exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts with the K&H Pet Products Snuggle Up Bird Warmer.
  • This bird warmer is thermostatically controlled to an optimum body temperature for birds to snuggle up to.
  • It uses harmless 12-volt, low voltage electricity to heat the bird warmer and is easy to clean.
  • This bird warmer is a safe, consistent source of warmth which stabilizes the bird’s environment
  • Having a warmer in the cage can reduce avian stress contributing to better health.
  • K&H has OVER 20 years of experience in creating innovative, safe, quality products, and is backed by a K&H one year warranty.

snuggle up bird warmer

H&G lifestyles Bird Heater for Cage Snuggle Up Bird Warmer

  • H&G lifestyles 10W bird heater for cage can keep the constant temperature of between 95°F-105°F at which birds will feel comfortable.
  • It is a safe and reliable source of continuous warmth for the birds and makes their growth environment more stable.
  • This bird cage heater adopts built-in 10W heating module, 4.7×7.9inch shell, larger thermal radiation surface, making the bird more comfortable.
  • This bird heater shell made of high quality rolled steel is strong and durable, easy to clean and install, just use screws to fix the bird warmer onto the cage, 10 feet long power cord is easy to plug into the power supply.
  • H&G lifestyles Bird Warmer uses an innovative design designed to simulate the body temperature of a bird, which make pet bird likely to snuggle up to the bird heater to stay warm for a safe and warm winter.
  • Comes in different sizes, depending on the size of your cage and your bird.
  • Trusted brand: H&G Lifestyles has more than 8 years of experience designing innovative products and offers a year’s free warranty. If you have any product questions, contact customer service.

Briidea Bird Warmer for Cage

  • This 3W bird warmer can keep the constant temperature at which birds feel comfortable.
  • Thanks to the continuous warmth this bird warmer emits, it protects the exotic birds from the cold drafts and low temperatures.
  • It is safer to use USB power supply and the USB cable is UL Listed. Use harmless 5v, low voltage electricity to heat the bird warmer.
  • The bird warmer is made of high-quality thick aluminum alloy shell to enhance durability and safety, effectively protect it from strong beaks. The size is good enough for the birds to snuggle up as well.
  • Comes with complete instruction on installation and it is easy to clean, just wipe clean with a damp cloth, soap and water.
  • You can enjoy our first-class service with full money back guarantee without reason, 2-year warranty and 24-hour support for customer service.

snuggle up bird warmer

The above Snuggle Up Bird Warmers are listed with the best (and most expensive) one at the top and the cheapest one at the bottom. If you are not sure your bird will enjoy the warmer, it is maybe better to try the cheaper one. However, there have been complaints that the cheaper ones don’t last, but if this does happen, all the products have a warrantee.

Have fun warming up those feathers!


  1. I live in a cold climate area, and its actually a big cost to cover the hydro for lamps. But having a warmer or a blanket would be very helpful. 

    I’m just curious to see how much hydro a warmer uses?

    Do you think I could lower the amount of hydro I use through lamps, if I had a warmer?

    1. The warmer is very light on electricity, as it only heats to just warmer than the birds temperature. I think a lamp would use a lot more, but is maybe a better option for a large aviary, as the warmer is designed for one or two birds.

  2. Parrot care must be at a high level. First of all, because they are very sensitive animals. Everything must be moderate with them, without great heat and cold, as well as without excessive feeding. These heaters are very practical. I would advise everyone who has parrots not to put them on the draft, it can be fatal for them.

  3. I never knew they had bird heaters. (warmers) When I first started reading your article I thought you were talking about a little blanket or something like that. I never had a bird as a pet so I don’t know much about them. I love birds, I just never had one as a pet. I didn’t even know they had to be in a warm environment. Thank you for this very informative article.


    1. Not too warm though, which is why these bird heaters are perfect as they don’t heat up too much. Birds hate a draft and the heater just gives them a sense of security on a cold winters night.

  4. Do you only need a bird warmer in colder areas? I live in florida but my home has A.C on all day. I can not stand the heat. I know I live in Florida yet I cant stand heat, go figure! But do you think I would need a warmer to keep them comfortable in an air conditioned home? Thanks

  5. Do you only need a bird warmer in colder areas? I live in florida but my home has A.C on all day. I can not stand the heat. I know I live in Florida yet I cant stand heat, go figure! But do you think I would need a warmer to keep them comfortable in an air conditioned home? Thanks

    1. I live in South Africa in a warm climate, so if I use mine once a year it is a lot. So no I don’t think you really need one if you don’t get extremely cold weather. A blanket over the cage should be sufficient.

  6. I purchased the K & H bird warmer because my bird, DaisyMae, a cockatiel that we had for 3 years was located by a single pane window in my living room in California. I thought purchasing the heater would be “just the thing”/ At first I thought it was great, but she began to have problems. She would run around her cage in the middle of the night with a wild look in her eyes, and her flying was “off”. Just prior to Christmas 2022 she actually flew thru our fireplace took kit and broke her neck, dying in my arms. About 2 wks. later we got another cockatiel, Twinkles, 3 mos. old. She was dead within a matter of 2 wks on Christmas Eve day. I had moved her away from the window, put a towel her cage, but the K & H Heater was still plugged in. I found her in the morning on the bottom of the cage on her tummy, trying to crawl to the door to get out. She had clear slime underneath her and bubbles in her mouth. We are having a necropsy performed to determine WHY she died. Just recently, Feb. 9th we purchased another Cockatiel, Sneaky Pete–3 mos. old. He is fine. The difference? I threw out the Heater and scrubbed down the cage for the 3rd time. From my experience I would NEVER by another heater. We have birds since I was a child, and never run into an issue like this. We are all heartbroken and would NEVER BUY ANOTHER HEATER for our bird.

    1. How terrible for you Carol and your poor little birds. I don’t blame you for not trying another heater. Did you ever find out if it was faulty?
      I have a friend in the UK who swears by hers, but here in South Africa, the climate is so moderate I don’t need one, and if it is cold I just move the birds to a warm room.

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