Rypet Cozy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket For Your Cockatiel Or Parrot

I must admit, I have only come across the concept of purchasing a bird blanket for your bird recently when I visited a friend and saw that she had purchased a Rypet Cozy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket and her cockatiel absolutely loved it.

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Bird Blankets For Your Cockatiel

The Rypet Cozy Corner Fleece Bird Blanket is an ideal bird blanket for your cockatiel. It is made of high quality, thick plush material which is soft and comfortable to touch. It provides an ideal sort of shelter for birds, especially on those wintery nights.

If you put this bird blanket in the cage, you can create a hidden corner where your bird can hide, stay warm and feel a sense of security at the same time.

Some cockatiels even enjoy hiding behind the blanket and playing hide-and-seek with their owners.

It is easy to install in the cage with a rope and it can be easily removed for cleaning too.

There is a reinforced base that enables the blanket to keep its hammock shape.

There are three sizes of this bird blanket available – small, medium and large.

The small size is recommended for small parrots such as Budgies, Parrotlets, Love Birds, or Small Conures. The Medium size is recommended for Cockatiels, or parrots a little larger like a ring neck. The Larger Size will suit all the larger types of parrots, like Macaws, Amazons and African Greys.

cockatiel blanketsThese bird blankets are soft and comfortable sleeping tents that can relieve the stress in birds and provide them with a sense of security.

It can be a warm and comfortable cabin for you to rest, hide, play and sleep.

You will find that your bird will love to sleep next to the blanket or hide his head in the hood.

The only draw back I found is that the strings that are used to tie the bird blanket to the cage are a temptation to the birds as they love to chew. Make sure you secure well otherwise your bird could get tangled in the string.

This picture below is an example of the larger size that one would use for an Amazon or larger bird.

Please feel free to comment if you have tried this blanket for your parrots and let me know if they enjoy it or are terrified of it.


  1.  I don’t know much about birds, I wouldn’t have known about a bird blanket either. It does make sense though as it offers a place for a bird to feel safe. It will also offer warmth. 

    I know as a person I love blankets that offer me comfort.  

    I like the fact that it can keep them warm, I don’t like my animals to be cold. I know that some animals are more sensitive to cold or even hot.  If they choose they want to be under the blanket if they get cold, and be able to move out from under when they get warm. I think is very important, I like my animals to be comfortable. 

  2. Aww so cute. And I l0ve those blankets they would make a good present for a friend of mine that has a bird. And they look so convenient because you can tie them in the cage.  If you don’t tie it will come out of place and it will get messy.  Are there different colors and designs? How many colors are there?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Claudia. Yes, parrots seem to love these, and I guess it also gives them a sense of security. As far as I can tell they only come in grey. Maybe so that they don’t get dirty too quickly.

  3. Hey, thanks for this post!

    I actually was looking for something similar especially for winter as it can get quite chilly when the radiators aren’t on. I have small budgies and was just wondering if there is a blanket suitable for their small delicate bodies? 

    Everything looks fine about this blanket except the wiring which you have also pointed out, I’ll probably have to think of a way to not leave the wiring bare but covered.

    1. I think there are different sizes available for larger and smaller birds. Simply click on the link and scroll down to see the various options.

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