Small Bird Toys You Can Order Online

Birds love toys, and you owe it to your pet, especially if it is in a cage all day, to purchase him some small bird toys.  Change them up regularly to keep your bird entertained when you are not around.  They have inquisitive minds, so keep them stimulated.

Here are some examples of small bird toys your cockatiels, budgies and other similar sized parrots will love.

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Small Bird Toys Your Pet Will Love

Deloky 7 Packs Bird Parrot Swing Chewing Toys

This amazing package include 7 pieces of different types of wood bird entertaining toys arranged in multiple layers to climb, chew and explore.

Your cockatiel or lovebird will love bouncing around from toy to toy getting their exercise.

These toys are designed to stand on, as well as exercise on. They are easy to install and all the toys come with an active hook that simply attaches to the top of the bird cage.

The materials used to make these small bird toys are 100% safe and each piece is handmade.

Natural Wood Ladder And Colorful Bamboo Hanging Shredding Toys

This 7-piece sit includes a natural hanging wooden ladder, 1 wooden bird perch and 5 colorful chewing toys that your parakeets, conures, cockatiels, love birds or canaries will enjoy.

The foraging toys are made of natural ratten, wood, bamboo and edible crinkly papers dyed with edible pigments. They are safe for all types of pet birds to peck at and play with.

The toys are easy to install as they all come with active hooks or wing nut.

Foraging Hanging Toy

This toy is made of wood and rattan which is safe to chew. Chewing and shredding is a natural behavior that is associated with foraging and nest building, and this will keep them entertained for hours.

The toy is stuffed with crinkly paper that will intrigue your curious bird.

Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy

The Crinkle Crinkle Little Star bird toy by Super Bird Creations is the perfect size for perfect size for Parrotlets, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and similarly sized pet birds.

This cute and colorful bird toy is crafted with the finest quality natural vine components, plastic beads, crinkle shred and bird-safe hardware.

This toy will satisfy a pet bird’s instinctual drive to chew. Birds will also enjoy pulling and preening the crinkle shred.

Seagrass Woven Climbing Hammock Mat with Colorful Chewing Toys

This small bird toy mat is made of natural seagrass and tightly woven into a classic check pattern, decorated with assorted colorful toys, including a Bamboo Finger Trap & Shred Papers, Woven Vine Star & Loofah Slice, Bamboo Square & Wooden Blocks, Acrylic Plastic Chew toy and Bamboo Finger Trap & Woven Vine Star.

All bird accessories are made of natural wood, non-toxic ABS materials and dyed with edible pigments and safe for birds to chew and peck.

Can be hung up easily in the cage and comes with two safe hooks and makes a great elevated perch for your birds to play on.

I am sure your small bird will love these small bird toys, and ordering them online makes it so much easier!

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