Miracle Care Feather Glo – What Is It?

Have you heard of Miracle Care Feather Glo?

Let’s look at how this product can help your feathered pet. I tried it on my cockatiels, and it didn’t seem to make that much difference, apart from a little extra shine, but their feathers were looking good before that.

However, it definitely made a huge difference to the condition of my Bare-Eyed Cockatoo’s feathers.

Miracle Care Feather Glo Bird Bath Spray is a clever product that helps revitalize and condition your feathered friend’s feathers and skin. The original daily bird spray since 1944, Feather Glo cleanses, beautifies and invigorates feathers and skin without needing a full bath, or so they promise.

What Are The Benefits Of Miracle Care Feather Glo?Feather Flo Bird Bath SprayHere are some of the benefits of using this product on your bird or birds:

  • It penetrates right down to the skin to promote skin health.
  • It softens your bird’s plumage and keeps the oil glands open.
  • It minimizes molting.
  • General condition of the feathers improves.
  • It helps to provide relief from itching.
  • Helps to stop feather picking and scratching.
  • Cleans, beautifies and invigorates the feathers and skin.
  • Softens plumage and keeps oil glands open
  • Because it minimizes molting and keeps your bird happy and healthy.

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Miracle Care Feather-Glo Bird Bath Spray is fatty acid-based which provides a soothing refreshing moisture to the skin under the bird’s feathers and helps to keep natural oil glands open

It can be used on cockatoos, parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, finches, canaries, budgies, basically all caged birds.

Questions And Answers

After spraying my bird, do I need to rinse it off again?

Do not rinse Miracle Care Feather Glo off after spraying it on. It needs to soak in and it has oils that nourishes their feathers and skin. The bird will preen itself naturally once you have sprayed it on.

Will it help to stop my bird from plucking his feathers out?

I found there was a definite reduction in the amount of feathers that my cockatoo pulled out after using this product.

Can this product be used on chickens?

Yes, it can be used on any bird.

Can you put it in the bird bath?

You can, but it will be wasted. Rather, spray it directly onto the bird.

Do not use on a sick bird.

miracle care feather gloveHow often should I use this product on my bird?

You can use it as often as you like as it is very gentle. I used it maybe twice a week. I usually give a quick spritz, but now and then a good soaking. Just don’t do at night, as the bird will need to dry before going to sleep. Make sure when your bird is wet he is not in a draft.

If your bird has dry itchy skin, you should use this daily. If your bird is molting then you will need to use daily.

Is this better than bathing?

This product conditions the feathers and skin, but most birds will still enjoy a good bath, so don’t take that away from them completely.

Does this product help with the powder, especially on African Grey Parrots?

It doesn’t eliminate the powder completely as this is a natural part of their make up, but it does make it less noticeable.

Does This Product ‘Grow New Feathers?’

No Miracle Care Feather Glo simply improves the quality of their existing feathers and keeps them in better shape.

Hope you have enjoyed this review of Miracle Care Feather Glo and now understand what the product is all about. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.


  1. One of the best pets we have had is our parakeet.  He is smart and friendly and we want to do everything we can to keep him healthy.  He does make use of a solar powered spraying bird bath.  The Miracle Care Feather Glo spray seems like it would be a good addition for him.  I have two questions.  Have you ever heard of a negative reaction to this spray?  Is there any difficulty with applying in terms of the bird’s eyes or breathing?  I am going to do a bit more research but I think this may be a good way to stop some of the picking that we see.  Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Anastazja and thanks for stopping by. 

      I don’t spray Miracle Care Feather Glo into my birds’ eyes directly, but on the odd occasion when some of the spray has gone onto his face he just shakes his head so I don’t think it bothers his eyes. As far as the other question goes, no I haven’t heard of any adverse reactions to this spray.

  2. I have never heard of Miracle Care Feather Glo, but it sounds interesting to know about it. I found this post very interesting and valuable for those who have a bird for a pet. I didn’t know that you could give a bird a bath. Good thing about it is that you have a product that takes care of that.

    1. My birds love to bath Val. Simply by holding a spray bottle and spraying them. They puff themselves up and it is very entertaining to watch.

  3. What a very interesting article. This is the first time I have heard of Miracle care feather glo but it sounds like a must. This post is a must read for sure for someone with a bird with a pet. So I will suggest this product to someone who has a bird as I think it will help them. 

  4. This was very interesting! I never heard of this before. When I was a kid I had a Senegal dwarf parrot. This would have been a helpful product to be aware of. I loved the fact you incorporated so many good questions and answers. I think you could have added 1 or two more pictures of a bird or two. I know it’s more about the product but for me, pictures seem to draw you in, especially if they are of beautiful birds, showing off their beautiful feathers : ) !  

    Great job!

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