Your Older Cockatiel and What to Feed Him

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If you have looked after your cockatiel well over the years and fed him a varied and healthy diet, as well as taken him for regular health checks, the chances are good that your cockatiel will live a long time.

You may start to notice subtle changes in his appearance and behavior over time, and he may molt more erratically and his feathers may become sparse.  He may also seem to preen himself less often.  Just as we get old, so unfortunately does your cockatiel.

Relatively little is known about the nutritional requirements of older birds, but most avian vets suggest an easily digestible diet with fewer proteins, phosphorus and sodium.  The diet must be sufficient to keep the cockatiels weight constant

.  Higher levels of vitamins A, E, B12, thiamin, pyridoxine, zinc, linoleum acid and lysine may help birds cope with the metabolic and digestive changes

that come with old age.

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