Bird Feeders And Why They Are A Great Addition To Your Garden

Bird feeders offer the best way to turn your yard or garden into a tiny sanctuary for all the wild birds in your area.

A bird feeder or bird table is a platform on which food for birds is put, usually in your garden.

Bird feeders are generally filled with a variety of grains and seeds to feed various different types of birds. This could include millet, sunflower, thistle, and safflower.

Apart from satisfying the cravings of birds, bird feeders also provide an excellent ornithological reward.

You will be rewarded by being able to view an assortment of the rarest species of birds right in your own yard, rather than traveling for miles searching for a bird sanctuary.

To capture the essence of bird behavior, some modern-day bird feeders are even fitted with webcams.

Types Of Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in different varieties and style depending upon the species of bird they cater to. The most common types are ground feeders, seed tube feeders, hummingbird feeders, suet feeders, oriole feeders, actually, the list goes on.

Seed feeders are quite popular; they come either with tubes or hoppers. Generally, these feeders are laden with sunflower seeds to attract birds like chickadees, finches, nuthatches, and siskins. They typically have a partition to segregate the different types of seeds.bird feeders

A suet feeder comprises of a cage-like structure made of metal, covered with plastic. It is this plastic which contains a cake or suet. Suet is basically a bird feed consisting of animal fat, which prevents the feed from turning rancid and protects it from dampness.

They can be hung from windows or treetops, therefore, providing us a clear view of the birds in action. These bird feeders attract birds like woodpeckers and flickers.

Unlike regular seed feeders, Hummingbird feeders offer the feed in a liquid form.

Oriole feeders are orange in color. They too provide a liquid form of nourishment. They specially accommodate orioles, a type of bird that has a uniquely pointed beak and tongue.

Apart from the quality of the feed supplied in a feeder, the success of a feeder mostly depends on the location in which it is placed. Make sure that intruders like cats and squirrels can’t get to it. Squirrels tend to steal the feed for themselves, and cats, well as you know, love to eat birds.

In spite of the various advantages of having a bird feeder in your garden, they do still have negatives.

For instance, if the water and feed are not kept clean, it could cause the spreading of illness amongst the birds, as they are in constant contact with one another.

It could also lead to environmental imbalance, as you always get the dominant species chasing the other away.

How To Make Your Own Bird Feeder

If you love woodwork or are handy in this way, you will enjoy designing and making your own feeder.

There is a wonderful course that is available to purchase online if you want to get the exact instructions and pattern.  You can read more about that by clicking here.

Buying A Bird Feeder Online

Here are some great examples of bird feeders that you can order online. Simply click on the picture that you like to find out more. I found these beauties and really great prices.




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