Pet Toys For Birds (Safety Comes First)

Safe Pet Toys For Birds

Your bird’s vet can go over basic safety with you concerning your bird, but to truly be safe, it is important for you to learn about bird safety before you even get a pet bird.

Being in charge of a pet bird is like being in charge of a child—they need constant care and your attention to be safe at all times. When learning about bird safety, make sure that you learn which pet toys for birds are good for your birds and which types could be unsafe.

All birds need toys. pet toys for birdsYou can even make your own, like in the photo on the right. You could also stuff the bag with colorful food objects or dried fruit that your bird can have fun trying to get out.

You could also try tying ropes across the top of your bird’s cage for them to swing on. You will have to use thicker ones for bigger parrots.

A cardboard box makes an excellent toy for any bird, as they can climb through it or simply chew it up and make a huge mess for you to clean up.

Just make sure the pet toys for birds that you make cannot harm your bird in any way.

I like to take pieces of wood with holes in the middle and thread them onto rope for our birds to play with. The parrot normally destroys it within a week, but the cockatiels normally have lots of fun hanging from it and chewing on it.

Because your pet bird is in a cage much of the time, toys provide entertainment, exercise, and some activity. Not having toys could lead to boredom, depression, and maybe even obesity in your pet bird. However, if you choose the wrong toys, your bird could get hurt. Not all pet toys for birds are made are appropriate for every type of bird.

Firstly you need to consider the size of the toy.

Pet Birds come in many different sizes, as do bird toys. If you get a toy that is too small for your bird, he or she could eat it and choke.

Toys that are too large could also be a problem. When a toy is too large, not only will your bird not be able to play with it, but he or she may also be scared of it, or it could fall/swing and hurt your bird. Buy toys that your bird can comfortably play with.

When purchasing toys, also read the label to make sure they are dyed with natural things like vegetable dyes, or else they should be untreated completely.

Birds will chew on everything, so some materials could be harmful. If your toys include metal parts, talk to your vet, because some metals can make a bird very sick.

When you purchase a toy, attaching it in your bird’s cage is also an important part of safety. Never use clips not made for this purpose, as they can be made of an unsafe metal or snap off, causing your bird to be hurt when playing. Instead, use string to attach the toy or use clips made for birdcages.

Of course, your vet’s office may sell toys for your bird that is both safe and fun. If your bird is ever injured by playing with a toy, make sure to call the vet right away to make sure that your bird gets the best care possible.

What If My Bird Is Scared Of The Toy?

This is not uncommon, so leave the toy next to the cage for a few days.

Pick it up and play with it in front of the bird often, and he will soon grow used to it or show some interest.

When he does place it in the cage where he can explore it in his own time. Never force the toy onto the bird.

Toys Especially Made for Pet Birds That You Can Purchase Online

Here is a selection of safe pet toys for birds that you can have a look at. If you want to find out more about the item, simply click on the picture.

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