Miniature Glass Figurines Of Birds

If you are a collector of miniature glass figurines, you are going to absolutely fall in love with these miniature glass figurines of birds.

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Miniature Glass Figurines Of Birds

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Please note that these miniature glass figurines are made of glass, so they are not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Looking Glass bird set Miniature Collectible, Pack of 4

Let’s start off with this set of four cuties which include a cockatiel.

These figurines are handcrafted making them little works of arts. Glass blowers use torch working techniques to form detailed creations with intricate designs.

The colors won’t fade as done on high-quality glass rods.

The set includes a Toucan, Cockatiel, Parrot and a Macaw, and is a great gift for bird lovers and collectors.

Not only are they cute and collectible but each figure has its own story-telling biography and birth date conveniently labeled on the back of the packaging.

Ganz Miniature Glass Figurine – Blue Bird

This cute blue bird is super small – 1 inch by 1 inch for all you miniature lovers out there.

This blue bird is part Of the Ganz Mini Animal World Collection, so there are many other animals to collect too.

2 Tiny Mandarin Duck Blown Glass Figurine 1½” Long Teal Miniature Crystal Figure Collectible Decorative

And what’s not to love here with these two cute teal ducks.

Each piece is slightly different as they are hand crafted and hand blown. These Mandarin ducks are a symbol of love and marraige and represent everylasting love.

You can mix and match these pieces with other miniature glass figurines of birds that are available online.

These cute figurines measure approximately ½” W x 1½” L x ¾” H.

Handmade Glass Parrot Art Glass Blown Animal Figurine / Bird Figurine – Model Y2016

Another gorgeous hand crafted miniature glass parrot which makes a great gift and makes for great decor both indoors and outdoors.

The figurine is made in Thialand with high quality glass and outstanding attention to detail.

It measures 2 inches W x 1 inch H.

Sansukjai Parrot Bird Miniature Figurines Animals Hand Blown Glass Art Gold Trim Collectible Gift Decorate, Clear Gold

This parrot comes in a clear and clean glass designed and decorated with real 22K gold wihc has been baked in at a high heat to ensure it is permanently in place.

This miniature glass figurine is a little larger than the others at 3/4″ x 2 1/8″ x 1 5/8″ (Wide x Long x High),

Makes a great souvenir for that someone who is difficult to buy for.

Toymany 9PCS Realistic Parrot Birds Figurines, 2-4″ Plastic Macaw Animals Figures Set Includes Cockatoo,Scarlet Macaw, Educational Toy Cake Toppers Christmas Birthday Gift for Kids Toddlers

And last but not least, something for the children.

These Miniature figurines are safe as they are not made of glass, but make an attrative addition to your collection, or your bird loving child.

The set includes 1 Major Mitchell’s Cokatoo, 1 Red and Green Macaw, 2 Hyacinth Macaws, 2 Blue and Yello Macaws, 2 Scarlet Macaws which makes a total of 9 parrot figurines.

They have been hand painted with a realistic and detailed appearance.

The all stand well and do not fall over. The are all made with high quality durable plastic and non toxic paint is used.

Your children and your bird lover friends are going to go nuts over these.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at this stunning collection of miniature glass figurines of birds that you can order online. I am sure you will agree that they are wonderful additions to any collection you may have started.


  1. I have not really been a bird fan. To tell you the truth, I am actually really terrified of birds so this article is definitely not for me. But I do know a couple of people who love birds so I will be sure to share this article with them. I do believe that they will truly appreciate it so thank you for this 

    1. Funnily I know a few people who are terrified of birds. I suppose it is like being terrified of rats like I am. If a bird gets trapped in the house my daughter runs out screaming, however she is fine with our cockatiel.

  2. I reckon this could be quite unconventional thinking. But I think I just found a gift for my wife for Valentine’s Day. I mean, I bet my wife will absolutely love that Sansukjai Parrot Bird. I mean, it’s brilliant. And it looks stunning, to say the least.

    Also, I enjoyed the plastic options as well. I mean, I will have to get something for my two little ladies as well. Hence, these may make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day to them. I love that they are made with non-toxic paint as I do suspect that they may land in one’s mouth from time to time. Also, I appreciate the durability and I like the fact that these can stand on their own. I’ve seen others that can’t and that I’ve never understood, be it with birds or any other miniatures.

    Thank you, and cheers!

    1. That is certainly a gift with a difference for valentines day, but I am sure they will all love them nevertheless.

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