Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage 1305 White, 20-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch by 15-1/2-Inch Review

The Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage is a must have if you have birds that need transporting from time to time. Let’s take a look at this nifty little travel bird cage.

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Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage

If you are wondering what on earth you are going to do with a travel bird cage, let me tell you how often I get to use mine.

Everytime my parrot needs to be taken to the pet shop to get his wings and claws clipped, into the travel cage she goes. She doesn’t even mind it so much anymore, as she knows it won’t be for long.

A travel cage is also great if you need to take your bird or birds to the vet. Bigger cages are so cumbersome to lug in and out of the car.

When I went on holiday recently I got my stepdaughter to take care of my parrot, and luckily she had my old parrot cage there already, so it was super easy to just load him up into the bird travel cage to take him there and back afterward.

If you enter your birds in competitions, you can transport them to and from the competition in this cage with ease. Some people even display their birds in this cage.

To find out more about this cage, simply click on the link below or on the picture of the cage.

Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage 1305 White, 20-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch by 15-1/2-Inch

Brand Prevue Hendryx
Color White
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 12.5 x 15.5 inches
Material Stainless Steel
Item Weight 8 Pounds
  • Ideal solution for short-term traveling with your bird.
  • 2 Stainless steel dishes and 1 perch are included with the purchase.
  • Side access door allows bird to walk right into cage (if you train him to).
  • Cage folds flat for easy storage which is great as it takes up no space in your cupboards.
  • 20-Inch long, 12-inch wide, 16-inch high with 3/4-inch wire spacing.
  • The cup holders lock in place to keep cups secure during travel.
  • Pull-out debris tray with wire rail stopper to hold tray in place while travelling.
  • Large 9 inch x 9 inch access door.

Perfect for small parrots only, with the largest size being an African Grey. A removable bottom grille and plastic pull out tray make cleaning effortless while storage is simple as you can fold the cage flat. My budgies can stick their heads through the bars so maybe not ideal for birds smaller than budgies.

This Travel Cage is available in White only, includes two stainless steel dishes plus one perch and measures 20-inch long, 12-inch wide, 16-inch high with 3/4-inch wire spacing.

Overall rating for this product is 4.7 our of 5 stars.

I have 3 conures and a hahn’s macaw. This was my second purchase of the Prevue Travel Cage. I understand that the product folds up nicely but that is not what attracted me to it. I bought my second one because it is absolutely fabulous for traveling.

Please feel free to comment below if you own this travel bird cage and how you feel about it.

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