Flight Bird Cages – Which One Is Best?

When it comes to flight bird cages, choosing the right one can be confusing as there are so many designs out there. Sometimes we are tempted to choose a flight bird cage for its looks rather than how practical it will be for your pet bird.

Because there is such a wide selection of cage designs available for pet birds in the home, you are more likely to find a cage to blend in with your interior decor. This however, also means that you could be sold a cage that is more ornate than functional and does not follow the recommended guidelines.

Even worse, spending a lot of money is no guarantee that the cage will be suitable. It is always best to visit one of the larger pet superstores or a specialist bird farm, where a good selection of flight bird cages will be on view and you will be able to ask advice from trained staff members.

What To Look For In Flight Bird Cages

flight bird cagesWhen looking at the bird cage, make sure to select one that has plenty of space for your bird to exercise. The one on the right is very unsuitable for the sized bird inside.

Not all cages are designed with much thought for the needs of the occupants. This model provides very little space, and cannot be recommended for any bird.

If the bird has enough space to exercise you can keep the bird relatively fit and avoid things that can shorten your birds life like obesity.

If your bird doesn’t get enough exercise, he will put on weight rapidly and this will make it difficult for him to fly, not only because of the excess weight, but because the flight muscles will have become weakened through lack of use.

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Prevue Pet Products F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage with Stand

The cage above could be used for either finches, a pet budgerigar or a canary. Most other parrots prefer cages with horizontal bars, which make it easier for them to climb around their quarters. The cage above has wheels which makes it easy to push around. The cage above is suitable for up to four small birds.

Cages with vertical bars are most suitable for finches and canaries, which do not climb around their quarters. Make sure the perches are placed near the food bowls so they can get to their food easily.

Yaheetech 55-inch Rolling Standing Triple Roof Top Medium Parrot Cage for Mid-Sized Parrots Cockatiels Sun Parakeets Green Cheek Conures Caique Pet Bird Cage with Detachable Stand

This decorative cage is better for medi sized birds like lovebirds and cockatiels or small parakeets.

Birds that are housed in more spacious surroundings are far less vulnerable to feather plucking than those housed in small cages. If birds are kept closely confined, parrots in particular will often suffer badly from boredom, and are likely to react in this way.

There are many spacious and stylish cage designs available on the market today and those mounted on castors are even better as they are easier to move. Wheeling the cage is more convenient and less disturbing for the bird than carrying it, especially if the cage is large and heavy.

The metal surfaces of a bird cage are normally coated with a tough and easy-wipe covering. This makes them easier to clean, especially as there are special wipes available from good suppliers that are especially for use on bird cages. This covering also prolongs the life of the cage, preventing it from rusting.

If you have Mynah birds, you should opt for a box-type flight cage, as they are very messy feeders. This will help to keep the environment around the cage cleaner.

It is a good idea to start looking for suitable cages well in advance of acquiring your bird, simply because you may not immediately be able to obtain the unit you want and end up settlling for second best.

Also remember again that a large price tag is no guarantee of a comfortable home for your pet bird.

Here are a few more great examples of flight bird cages that you can purchase online. This is usually a lot cheaper than you will pay in store. Simply click on the cage of your choice to find out more about it.

Other Things To Watch For When Purchasing Your Flight Cage


A usual point of weakness in a parrot cage is often the door fastening. A simple hook will present little by way of a challenge to these intelligent birds, allowing them to escape into the room in your absence with potentially serious consequences.

Aside from the risk to your furniture, a parrot may turn its attention to live electrical flex and electrocute itself as a result.

It is always a good idea to reinforce the door fastening by means of a combination padlock, which the parrot will have much greater difficulty in opening.

In most cases you will be able to replenish the bird’s food and water from outside the cage, but check that the posts cannot be dislodged by a bored parrot in search of a challenge.

If in doubt use a padlock for them as well. Once a parrot masters the knack of opening a door of any kind, it is likely to continue to do so, even if it leaves itself without food and water as a result.


The other important thing to look at when purchasing a flight cage is how easily it can be cleaned. Some cages come with mesh grids above the floor area in order to stop the lining, such sheets of newspaper, being disturbed and gnawed up by the parrot. In reality, however, droppings collect on the mesh, and so this has to be removed and scrubbed off.

flight birds cages

It can also be dangerous to the bird because it might end up with its foot stuck as it tries to walk over the floor area.

It is therefore a good idea to remove a grid of this type from the cage.

The tray at the bottom of the cage should be heavy-duty. Check for dangerous gaps, particularly at the corners where the metal has been folded up at the sides to make a lip.

It is sometimes possible for a bird to become trapped there and to slice its toe on the sharp edges of the metal.

Finches and canaries are less vulnerable than parrots and mynah birds because their cages usually have plastic trays, but beware as there could be a large enough gap for them to escape through when the tray is removed for cleaning.

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