Basic Cockatiel Care for the First Time Cockatiel Owner

cockatiel care


Cockatiel Care For Newbies

Cockatiels are one of the easiest pets to look after, so basic cockatiel care should be a breeze for anyone.

Basic cockatiel care is basic as the word says.  To ensure your little parrots well being, here are some of the things you will need to do each day for your cockatiel.

  1. Replace the food and water each day and remove the old food, especially if it was fresh produce from yesterday.
  2. Wash out food and water bowls thoroughly each day.
  3. Observe your cockatiel for any changes in its behavior which may mean illness.
  4. Blow the husks out of the seed dish and fill up with fresh seed.
  5. Change the paper in the cage tray.
  6. Let your cockatiel out for supervised play time and exercise.
  7. Cover the bird’s cage at the same time each night to let your bird know it is bedtime.

To ensure your cockatiels well being, here are some of the weekly tasks you will need to perform for your cockatiel.

  1. Scrape off and clean all the perches in the cockatiel cage.
  2. Clean off any bits of old food that has fallen between the cage bars or in the corners of the cage.
  3. Rotate the toys in the cage to keep them interesting for your bird. Discard any broken ones.
  4. Read this post on cleaning your bird cage easily.

And a few extra things to check periodically:

  1. Check for broken cage bars on which you cockatiel can injure himself.
  2. Check the cage for rust, which also isn’t good for cockatiels if ingested.
  3. If you take your cockatiel out often, make sure to clip his wings. It is so easy to miss them growing back and next thing he flies away.
  4. Feel your cockatiels breastbone to make sure that he is neither too skinny nor too fat.

Easy Peezy!

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