Outdoor Bird Aviaries For Your Birds And You To Enjoy

What Is An Aviary?

An aviary is a kind of bird cage whose size has been magnified several times over to provide a large enclosure for the birds. Outdoor bird aviaries allow birds to fly about, perch where they want and nest in comfort. Aviaries often have plants and shrubbery as well as water features to make the environment as close to the bird’s natural habitat as possible.

Birds are highly intelligent and were made to fly. Thus depriving them of their natural instinct means restricting their mental stimulation. A bird’s muscles can waste away as can its mind when it does not have the freedom to spread its wings and lift off at whim.

There are different types of outdoor bird aviaries and the general rule of thumb when constructing one is to use as much available space as possible to house the birds. Some of the different types of aviaries include the following:

Public Aviaries:

Public aviaries have been around for a long time and the first documented aviary dates back to 1829. It is located at the London Zoo and is one of the oldest structures standing in that Zoo. In 1880 Rotterdam Zoo unveiled the first large aviary situated inside a zoological garden. Public aviaries are generally found in zoological gardens, public parks, and gardens.

Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park is one of the world’s finest examples of a walk-in aviary. It houses approximately 8000 species of birds in very natural environments filled with greenery and color; a truly exotic experience.

Home Aviaries:

The concept of home aviaries is becoming increasingly popular with bird lovers. It is often the chosen method for keeping and raising chicks if space is available. Home aviaries can be constructed by do it yourself products that are store bought. Alternatively, you can get commercial aviaries constructed for all spaces and sizes both indoor and outdoor.

Home aviaries consist of mainly two types; you have the grounded aviary or free standing full flight cage and the suspended aviary.

Grounded aviaries: these aviaries are built on a solid concrete base to prevent rodents, vermin and other small animals from gaining access to the birds.

One should also consider the types of birds that will live in the aviary. Certain parrot species, for example, love to rummage around on the ground and do not like being kept in a suspended cage for long periods of time.  Most of the grounded aviaries, apart from the concrete base feature wood or PVC constructions.

Suspended aviaries: these aviaries are as the name suggests are suspended in the air and have the legs or supports fixed to the ground.

There is no need for the protective base and the aviaries generally feature metal frames.

This type of aviary has become quite popular for housing and breeding several types of bird species.

The downside to suspended aviaries is the restrictions they place on the free flight of the birds. Many of the bird species can be housed in conventional or grounded aviaries in the

Many of the bird species can be housed in conventional or grounded aviaries in the non-breeding seasons. Suspended aviaries have the benefit of better ventilation because of the galvanized wire mesh generally used to construct the aviary from roof to walls and everything in between. The legs that support the aviary are made of galvanized water piping and fixed to the ground with steel plates.

Choosing Your Outdoor Bird Aviaries

It is important that climate conditions be considered very thoroughly before deciding on an outdoor or indoor aviary. Extreme climatic conditions whether too hot or too cold will not suit most bird species, and most birds hate draughts. Mild climates and slightly tropical climates are generally best suited for outdoor aviaries. That said, aviculturists are known to house birds in various climatic conditions that range from desert to snowy, high rainfall and every other possible type of climate.

The key to successfully keeping birds in aviaries is to research the species very thoroughly to learn what other species they will or will not integrate with. A well balanced grouping of males and females always appears to work best in an aviary. Birds need to be kept in a harmonious environment with plenty of food and water, toys, perches, bells and other knick knacks to keep them engaged.

Just remember if it is a tame bird you are after, an aviary might not be the best choice for you.

Here are some great outdoor bird aviaries that you can purchase online. If you are interested in finding out more, simply click on the picture or the link above it.

Outdoor Bird Aviaries You Will Love

Advantek The Portico Aviary AuburnOutdoor Bird Aviaries

  • Spacious aviary designed to hold 8-19 birds comfortably.
  • Unique enclosure separation makes it easy to get in and out of for cleaning.
  • Small window in main enclosure offers easy access to food and water tray.
  • Made with Advantek’s GoneGreen lightweight insect-resistant and rot-resistant fir lumber.
  • Assembled product measures 92H x 79W x 41D inches.

The extremely spacious Advantek Portico aviary is designed to hold a multitude of beautiful birds. With twelve staggered perches and tons of room for extra perches, ropes, or play stands, the aviary is a great home for your birds to frolic and play.

Center vertical bar holds 12 separate staggered perches while unique enclosure separation makes it easy to get in and out for cleaning. There is a small window in main enclosure which offers easy access to food and water tray. The enclosure is tall enough to stand up in as it measures overall 92″ H x 79″ W x 41″ D.


 A&E CAGE CO 86-Inch by 62-Inch Walkin Aviary, BlackOutdoor Bird Aviaries

  • Wrought iron bird cage.
  • Durable powder-coating.
  • Six month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Includes key locks and swing out feeders.

This cage is more suited to bigger parrots, as budgies and cockatiels would be able to fit their heads through the bars.


Bestmart INC LARGE Aluminum Bird Cage Walk In Aviary W/4Peg NEW ( 3 Doors)

  • This is one of the biggest outdoor bird aviaries that I have found online.
  • Durable aluminum frame construction features excellent shock, rust, corrosion, tarnish resistance, which prolongs the service lifetime of the cage.
  • Overall Size: 70’’L x 48.2’’W x 76.57”H.
  • The gate is commodious enough to open for the convenience feeding, playing with your birds.
  • 4 pegs for additional reinforce.
  • Ventilated, spacious and well-lit cage with wire netting provides a comfortable room for birds to chase and rest.Outdoor Bird Aviaries

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