How To Teach Your Cockatiel Tricks

how to train cockatiel to do tricksTeach Your Cockatiel Tricks

Training a cockatiel to do tricks is not as difficult as it seems. If you have potty trained him or even taught him to climb up onto your finger, you are already half way there.

Further how to teach your cockatiel tricks is easier if you observe your cockatiel and see what he is naturally inclined to do. If he likes to lift his wings up a lot, try training him to look like an eagle or to salute. If he likes to climb, he would probably learn some climbing tricks quite easily.

What Age Should You Train A Cockatiel To Do Tricks?

Birds that are younger than six months are easier to train than older birds, especially for the novice trainer. A lot of patience and cheerfulness is needed for the process of training your bird.

teach cockatiel tricks
My Female Cockatiel is Proving incredibly difficult to train.

From my experience, it is easier to train a male than a female cockatiel.

Let’s Teach Some Tricks

When working with your bird to teach cockatiel tricks, try using positive reinforcement or treats to reward him with when he does well. Pick a treat that you only use during your training sessions and not in any other part of your bird’s diet. In this way, it will become a special reward for your cockatiel, without having to deprive him of other food.

If your bird loses interest in his treat, then you should end the training session, as he has probably lost his concentration. It is always best to end the training sessions on a positive note.

When your bird starts performing his tricks, give him loads of praise and attention, and he will associate his behavior with good things. Once he has gotten accustomed to getting praise for a particular behavior, it is time to use a command for this behavior. Once you have settled on a command, praise the bird only when he does his trick to your command. Never punish your bird if he doesn’t perform a trick.

An easy trick to teach your cockatiel is to nod his head for yes and shake it for no. To do this show your bird a treat and move it up and down in front of his face to teach him yes and sideways to teach him no. Praise your cockatiel when he moves his head in the appropriate direction.

Use phrases like ‘do you agree,’ or ‘do you like that’ as a cue for him to shake his head. Don’t teach the yes and no simultaneously, as you will only confuse your bird. Once he gets the one right, then move onto the next.

Before you know it you could be amazing your family and friends with your clever cockatiel and his tricks. On the last note, if you find your cockatiel doesn’t seem to enjoy his training sessions or performing tricks, leave him be and appreciate him for the many other wonderful qualities that he has.

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