Charcoal – Cockatiel First Aid – Cure Against Toxins

Charcoal And Cockatiels

Did you know that something as simple as charcoal can save your pet birds from life-threatening situations, like poisoning?

One of the most frustrating things a cockatiel owner might encounter is an ill bird. Diagnosis is extremely difficult as symptoms are at best hidden by the bird instinctively.

Administering unnecessary medication might be even more detrimental to their health.

In cases of poisoning, ingestion of toxic chemicals, plants and the like, there is one safe and natural remedy that is a miracle cure, immediately available and extremely cheap.


This organic fuel has long been used by mankind as fuel in heating and cooking.

It is also used to aid in various ailments, most commonly stomach discomforts.

So powerful it can clean up cyanide poisoning as long as the chemical is still in the digestive tract. For medicinal and cleansing purposes such as water filtration, a more powerful form of charcoal is created, dubbed as “activated” charcoal or carbon. It is more efficient but any household charcoal will do, considering its a first aid solution.

Always remember that charcoal is a cure for chemical poisoning and other toxins, e.g. those which some plants produce. Ailments caused by viruses and bacteria will not have any improvement upon charcoal consumption.

The procedure is quite simple, crush the charcoal and serve it mixed with a favorite dry dish like egg food. Also, leave a solid piece inside the cage as cockatiels have a habit of nibbling through it like Cuttlebone.

Next step. Contact your veterinarian.

Charcoal indeed is a life saver, it can save your pet in emergency situations and it can also be supplied in their daily diet as it is known to have no side effect to the birds’ health. It is suggested to always leave a piece of charcoal for them to nibble on.

This article is made after in-depth research that goes beyond cockatiel sites who have only one similar solution, ‘bring the bird to the vet’ which can be miles or days away to some frustrated pet lovers. We cannot argue with that, but in emergency situations like poisoning, your vet is not in the house, your charcoal is.

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