How To Make A Room Bird Safe

It is very important to allow your bird out of its cage regularly to prevent it from becoming bored and to allow it to exercise. Here are some tips on how to make a room bird safe in order to prevent your bird from having any unnecessary accidents.

Birds generally follow a routine once they are used to being out of their cages, and there are toys that you can offer so that it does not wreak your furniture. The first few times you take your bird out, he may seem very unsettled and fly around randomly, but if he gets into a routine, he will quickly get used to being out and about and start to enjoy the freedom.

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How To Make A Room Bird Safe

how to make a room bird safe

You will need to prepare the room with your bird’s safety in mind. First and foremost, ensure curtains can be drawn over windows to prevent the bird from attempting to fly through the glass, otherwise, a fatal brain hemorrhage or a broken neck could be the result. Also, be wary of mirrors as birds also like to fly into these. Make sure windows are all closed so that your bird can’t escape.

A kitchen or a bathroom is never really a good idea to set your birds loose in, as there are too many hazards to try and avoid in these two rooms, for example, chemicals, toxic fumes, water, etc.

Other pets, especially cats must be excluded from the room, and the door kept closed. If you have a fire of any kind, this must be properly shielded with a guard, so that there is no risk of the bird burning itself.

Electrical cables can be equally hazardous, particularly if you have a large parrot, as its beak will be strong enough to cut right through the flex. Check those electrical appliances, not in use are switched off, and their plugs are disconnected.

Remove any potentially dangerous plants, such as cacti with sharp spines, as well as those which are likely to be poisonous. In fact, any plant that you don’t want to be chewed up would be better out of the room.

It is also a good idea to move valuable or treasured ornaments out of the way, just in case they are knocked over when the bird flies around the room.

Accidents are most likely to occur when the bird is not used to being at liberty in the room and so it flies around without having anywhere to land comfortably.

For budgerigars, provide perches in prominent locations, where the bird can rest easily. For larger parrots, there are perch systems that are intended to rest on top of cages, as well as free-standing exercise gyms. Once the novelty of coming out of its quarters subsides, a parrot will soon be content to spend much of its time playing and resting on equipment of this type.

When you let your bird out for the first time on its own, rather than removing it from its cage, allow it to come out on its own accord, then there is more chance of it returning of its own accord. At first, though, be prepared to catch it to put it back in. For this, it will help if the bird is hand-tame.

Follow the same routine each day and the bird will soon get to know when it is time to return to its quarters and is likely to do so of its own accord. If you find that your bird is flying around wildly and is difficult to catch, draw the curtains, equip yourself with a torch and wait for the bird to settle in a convenient place. Switch out the light and using the torch, move cautiously towards the bird. You should be able to catch it easily in the dark.

Here are more tips and ways on how to make a room bird safe.

Here are some great examples of play stands for birds. If you would like to find out more, simply click on the picture of your choice.


  1. Thanks so much for a post like this. I also love to raise birds. When I read this post, I also really wanted to. I think I will take the fourth stand. Also, this post has given you a good idea of how to change the room to suit the bird. Thanks so much again for this post.

    1. Any Time Pasindu. It is important for your pet bird to have a room that they feel safe in and that you feel comfortable letting them roam around in.

  2. Hi, this is a really interesting topic. As a former owner of a cockatiel, I am really astonished by how good all this advice is and great to read the clear explanation you’ve given in this article. I love the youtube video that you’ve added there, very educational. The toys as well all in this topic.

    I must confess that I really love it. Thank you for sharing this, I have no further questions.

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting article, you have great safety tips. I fully agree with your idea of letting the bird out of its cage regularly. Birds are meant to be free in nature,  if they are caged in for the rest of their life’s the least the owner can do is to let the bird fly in a room that was made bird-safe. Birds can be cute pets, they can be very entertaining when they talk   or mimic sounds.  Pet birds need a lot of attention and love, this means bird owners have a huge responsibility towards their feathered children.  Thank you for sharing a great post.     

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