Training Parrots And Keeping Them Happy

In this article, I am going to discuss training parrots and how to keep parrots happy. Before you buy a parrot of any type, make sure that you have enough time in your daily schedule to spend with your pet, as they are very social creatures and thrive on having company and love learning new things.

First of all, before I supply some training parrots tips and links, I would like to to take a look at this amazing product that cost about 20 bucks at the time of publishing this article, which will give you everything you need as far as both raising parrots and also training parrots goes.

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How To Raise Parrots

Before you even learn about training parrots, it is a great idea to educate yourself on how to raise your parrot. Parrots can live for about sixty years if looked after, but many die after a few years, and this is mainly due to the diet that they are fed. Learning how to properly nourish your parrot, as well as be able to tell when they are sick will go a long way to ensuring your bird lives a long and happy life.

Here is a great book that I highly recommend any new parrot owner buying. You can order it online by clicking on the book below and it will be delivered to you straight away for you to download onto your computer. If you don’t like the book for any reason, you will be able to get a full refund.

training parrots

In Raising Polly you will learn:

  • five things to do before placing your parrot in his new home/cage.
  • what to feed your parrot and what not to give him.
  • why your parrot squawks at you.
  • tips for choosing your healthy parrot and what to look for before you buy it.
  • how to tell if your parrot is sick and whether or not he needs medical attention.
  • what types of parrots are better talkers?
  • complete guide to what accessories you will need to keep your parrot happy.
  • how to build a parrot first aid kit, and this one could save your parrot’s life.
  • where you should never put a bird within your house – could be a matter of life and death.
  • what to do if he gets sick.
  • how to choose the right parrot species for you.
  • what is normal behavior and what is not?
  • what to do if your parrot won’t eat.
  • how important it is that he gets enough sleep and how much he actually needs.
  • parrot training tips and how to teach your parrot to talk.
  • how to raise a perfectly behaved parrot.
  • why sleep is important to your parrot’s health. And how much sleep he needs. (This will surprise you!)
  • how to easily and effortlessly teach your parrot to talk.
  • why your parrot plucks his feathers and what to do to stop it.
  • how to prepare delicious food for your parrot.
  • what types of toys to avoid that could harm him.
  • what time of the day is best for parrot training sessions. This one makes a huge difference in the training of your bird.

So this book is great because it teaches you how to look after your bird in the best possible way and also has great information on training parrots to make your progress with your bird faster.

If you order the book above, there are also two bonuses that come with it.

Bonus Number 1:

You will get the entire book in an MP3 format so that you can listen to it in your car if you prefer.

training parrots

Bonus Number 2:

You will get a book thrown in on training parrots the easy way, which is generally all you need to know about training any parrot.

training parrots

This amazing bonus book makes training parrots a breeze.

It takes a dozen tricks and breaks the learning process down into very simple steps. The author, James Junior, has researched and applied these principles with great success and his techniques are foolproof.

You will be amazed at how quickly you will get your bird to pick up these tricks and astound your friends with his cleverness.

Training Parrots

Parrot tricks are something that both you and your bird will derive great pleasure from, both in the training process and also in the finished product.

A trained parrot will view his performance as social interaction with his owner and training your parrot will assist with both how tame he gets and also with his general well being. This is especially good if you only have one parrot on his own. Two parrots together will be harder to train as they have each other for company, but a single parrot will need your friendship and will enjoy his time with you cementing that friendship.

The best place to teach your parrot some new tricks is a neutral spot, away from the parrot’s cage and away from any other distractions.

Have a perch standing by like this one that can be purchase online by clicking on the picture. This will be the starting point for all his training.

Keep the sessions short, especially in the beginning. As soon as he stops enjoying the interaction stop the training.

The many simple tricks you can teach him include the following:

  • take a bow
  • waving
  • turning around
  • playing dead
  • fetching something
  • sitting on your shoulder (this one is the easiest as they normally enjoy being close to you)
  • dancing (also easy as you just play music and dance and he will imitate you after a while)

With a little patience, the above tricks can be easily mastered.

For instance, once your bird knows how to step up onto your finger, you would simply take your hand to the side and as he steps onto it you can tilt him upside down with the command ‘play dead.’ He may not like this at first, but keep plying him with treats and he will soon learn to do on command and find it fun.

Taking a bow is as simple as putting something tasty or chewable in front of his head and lowering it so his head follows while repeating ‘take a bow.’

Remember to keep his favorite treats available like the Nutri-Berries below for training sessions only, so he learns that doing things correctly will get him a treat.

In this video below, you can see just how clever parrots can be if trained regularly.
 Enjoy your parrot and please feel free to comment below if you have any parrot training tips to offer.

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