How to Discipline Cockatiels – Get That Naughty Parrot Out of Him!

naughty parrotWhen training and disciplining your parrot or cockatiel, your aim should be to gain his trust and then to never loose it.

This is key to getting that naughty parrot out of him and being able to discipline him in a kind way.

Never shout at or hit your parrot or cockatiel if he chews up something he shouldn‘t, it won’t help. Birds are not cause and effect creatures, so this form of discipline will not work on them. Even if you lock him in his cage, he still won’t know why.


So, How Do You Discipline Naughty Parrots?

Bird behaviorist Sally Blanchard suggests giving your cockatiel the ‘evil eye.’ Look at your bird sternly and say ‘No’ in a firm voice. If your cockatiel is climbing or chewing on something that he shouldn’t, remove him from the object in question as you tell him ‘No.’

If you bird puts on a screaming performance, some time out in his cage with the cover over it for about ten minutes should calm him down.

If your cockatiel is sitting on your finger and starts to bite you or chew your clothing or jewellery, you can dissuade him by tilting your wrist to and frow to simulate a mini ‘earthquake.’ He will soon realize when this happens that this rocking starts when he misbehaves.

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