How To Create A Bond With Your Cockatiel

Cockatiels are very social creatures, and in the wild you can observe cockatiels congregating in flocks.  They support and care for one another, and for this reason it is important that you take some steps to bond with your pet cockatiel, especially if you have only one.  This will keep him from feeling depressed and neglected.

Here are some great ways to create a bond with your cockatiel.

  1. Hand feed your cockatiel, as this is a great way to bond and he will start to associate you with positive experiences.
  2. Talk to him a lot and get him used to hearing your voice.  Spend some social time with him each day to help him feel comfortable around you.
  3. Include him in some of your activities by letting him sit on your shoulder once he is tame.  Just remember to close the windows and doors, as a fright could make him take to create a bond with your cockatiel
  4. Respect him and don’t force him to do things he doesn’t like.  Never shout at him.
  5. Care for him by cleaning his cage and changing his food and water daily.  Don’t feed him things like chocolate and keep him away from toxic plants or dangerous household objects that could fall on him.

With patience and love, your cockatiel will adapt to your routines with ease.

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