Funny Parrot Stories

Here are some funny parrot stories to light up your day.

Parrots are known for their intelligence and ability to mimic human speech, but they are also known for their quirky and funny behavior.

In this article, we will explore some hilarious and entertaining funny parrot stories that will make you laugh out loud. From talking parrots to mischievous birds, these tales are sure to brighten your day.

funny parrot stories
Funny Parrot Stories

The Cheeky Parrot:

One day, a man brought home a parrot that had been taught a variety of phrases and sounds. The man was impressed by the bird’s ability to mimic his voice and even crack jokes.

However, one day, the parrot decided to play a prank on the man by imitating his phone ringtone. Every time the man received a call, the parrot would mimic the ringtone perfectly, causing confusion and hilarity.

This happens more often than not, and parrots have fooled many people into answering their phones by doing this.

The Dancing Parrot:

Another funny parrot story involves a bird that has a passion for dancing.

Whenever music was played, this parrot would start bobbing its head and tapping its feet in time with the beat. The bird’s owner was delighted by its enthusiasm and would often play music just to watch the parrot’s funny dance moves.

This parrot became a hit with visitors who were amazed by its groovy skills.

Judging by this video, dancing seems to be normal parrot behavior.

The Escape Artist:

Parrots are known for their cleverness and ability to escape from their cages. One particularly mischievous parrot managed to unlock its cage using its beak and wings, much to the surprise of its owner.

The parrot would then fly around the house, landing on unsuspecting objects and people, causing chaos wherever it went.

Despite its antics, this escape artist parrot was loved for its playful spirit.

Luckily my bare-eyed cockatoo has not learned to open up her cage yet. But I have owned a pair of lovebirds who could open any cage you put them into.

The Prankster Parrot:

Some parrots have a knack for playing pranks on their owners.

One such bird would wait until its owner was on an important phone call before loudly squawking and interrupting the conversation. The owner would try to silence the parrot, but it would continue to make noise until the call was disconnected.

This prankster parrot found great amusement in disrupting phone calls and testing its owner’s patience.

The Talking Parrot:

Of course, no list of funny parrot stories would be complete without mentioning the talking abilities of these birds.

One clever parrot learned to mimic not only words and phrases but also sounds such as doorbells, laughter, and even sneezes. This talking parrot would entertain its owner for hours on end with its impressive vocal talents, often leaving visitors in awe of its skills.

Parrots are truly fascinating creatures with a unique sense of humor and personality.

Whether they are mimicking sounds, dancing to music, or pulling pranks on their owners, these funny parrot stories highlight the endless entertainment that these birds can provide.

Next time you encounter a parrot, remember to expect the unexpected and prepare to be amused by their hilarious antics.


  1. The prankster parrot is one of my favorites! Knowing how much my anxiety goes off whenever I have to make a phone call, or receive one, I’m sure this parrot would be an amazing pet; plus a valuable excuse to never talk on the phone again! It’s a win-win situation. I remember my uncle had a parrot, and God, they are some of the most intelligent creatures to ever grace humanity. Thank you for the laughs; I really enjoyed reading through this compilation.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie and glad you enjoyed the read. I agree these birds are highly intelligent, even though they have pint-sized brains.

  2. What a delightful collection of parrot tales! It’s amazing how these feathered comedians can bring so much laughter and joy with their antics. The Cheeky Parrot’s ringtone prank is hilariously relatable—imagine the confusion and amusement in the household! And who wouldn’t want to witness the Dancing Parrot’s groovy moves? These stories remind us just how intelligent and playful parrots can be. Thanks for sharing these heartwarming and funny parrot stories! They truly brighten up the day.

    Years ago, I worked in a pet store where we sold different types of birds. We had an Amazon parrot that was quite intelligent. One evening while closing the store, the phone rang. I answered it and it was the cashier’s husband calling. I called out her name as she was in the back of the store, and I heard “what?” in her voice. I yelled to her that her husband was on the phone and I told him his wife was coming. It took a while before she came up because she didn’t hear me call her. Turns out it was the bird that had mimicked her voice! 

    – Scott

  3. I love birds Toucans especially. I did a job for a guy who breeds and sells parakeets and all kinds of parrots. I was at his house and he had 3 birds cruising around the house talking. That was the day I decided I wanted a toucan. Super cool beaks.

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