Cockatiel Videos

Here I have picked out some of my favorite cockatiel videos.  Some are funny cockatiel videos and some are singing cockatiel videos, but I am sure you will find one you enjoy watching if you are any sort of cockatiel or parrot fan.

Great Cockatiel Video’s

Here is a really cute and funny cockatiel video and it demonstrates just how much cockatiels love their mirrors.

In this video, a cockatiel dives into a jar of peanuts – too cute!

Here is a really cute video of a cockatiel talking and whistling, that I really enjoyed.

and another –

And to end off, this general video showing just how cute and intelligent parrots can be.

As you can see from the above cockatiel videos, cockatiels make really awesome and entertaining pets.

Please let me know by commenting below if you have any great cockatiel moments that you have filmed and placed online. Video’s of pets are always very popular online and usually get a lot of hits.

You can read more about pet cockatiels here.

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