Baby Cockatiel Hatching – Must See Video’s For Bird Lovers


I couldn’t resist sharing these videos with you of a baby cockatiel hatching. It is really rare that we can catch something like this on camera. I love the way that the male cockatiel helps his baby to hatch in the above video.

Here is another video of a cockatiel hatching, but not in such a natural way.

This one below is my all time favourite, not only of a baby cockatiel hatching but also of the first thirty days of his life. I love the humour that the creator of this video has used.

It is no surprise that the above video has more than 3 000 000 views on YouTube.

The video above is an excellent and clear cut baby cockatiel hatching from its egg.

To find out more about what you need for the breeding of cockatiels, click here.

If you would like to hand rear your cockatiels, read more about it here.


Let me know which video of baby cockatiels hatching you enjoyed the most.

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