Choosing Your New Cockatiel Bird

When buying your new cockatiel bird you may wonder which is better, a hand-fed or a parent raised bird?

No matter where you buy your new cockatiel bird, it is always best to find a hand-fed/reared bird if you want a cockatiel as a pet.

Hand-fed or hand reared cockatiels normally cost more than parent-raised ones, as the hand-fed ones have been raised by people and have been labour intensive to raise.

This process ensures that the cockatiel will bond with people. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to handle and play with your new cockatiel bird every day to keep him or her tame and lovable.

cockatiel If you purchase a parent-raised cockatiel, it is going to take extra time and care for the cockatiel to become tame.

These types of birds are better for use in breeding programs, as they will make good parents as they were raised by their own parents. Hand-fed cockatiels, on the other hand, pay more attention to human companions than to other birds, so they may not always make ideal breeding birds.

If you want a pet, it may be worth it to spend the extra money on a hand-fed new cockatiel bird.  If you purchase a young parent-raised cockatiel you can tame them yourself with a little patience and time.  The older the bird, the more difficult it is to train.

Buying Your New Cockatiel Bird

Once you have found a selection of hand-fed cockatiels it is time to select your pet. The best way is to start by observing the birds that are on sale.

Take your time and watch for a while. Notice which of the birds are more bold and confident than the others and consider those first, as you want a curious, robust and active pet, not a shy animal that hides in a corner.

A good idea is to let your cockatiel choose you. If one bird waddles up to you and wants to play, or seems to like you, that may be just the bird for you.

Make sure that the birds look healthy. They should look alert, have bright eyes and not be all puffed up and sleeping.

Take note of the droppings on the floor of the cage. They should be firm and hold their shape, not runny or watery.

They should have a full-chested appearance and be actively moving around the cage. The wings should be firmly held in and not droopy and the feathers should be smooth.

The nostrils should be clear of discharge, and there should be no regurgitated food visible around the beak area or on the surrounding feathers.

Also, make sure that the outlet that you buy your cockatiel from is reputable and clean. Take note of the other animals in the shop. Do they look healthy and happy? Are the cages clean, and does the shop smell pleasant.

Make sure that you choose the correct cage for your new cockatiel.

You may find some cheaper cages online. Click on the pictures below to find out more about the cage.


  1. Birds are such difficult creatures to raise, at least in my opinion. 

    The birds that I’ve had in the past are usually hand fed, which I only did because I thought it was cool to feed a bird, but over time the bird became reliant on me coming over to feed it because I would pet it often and it enjoyed it a lot. So I’m not sure If I spoiled the bird or not but it preferred to eat from my hand than eating from the bowl that’s in the cage.

    1. Ha Ha, that is funny Ty. I can imagine birds can be spoiled by too much of a good thing.  However, I disagree with you that they are difficult creatures to raise. Birds must be one of the easiest pets to have, and although raising them takes a bit of work, it is only for a couple of weeks, and then they are all grown up.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful review on choosing a new cockatiel bird. 

    This is a must for all pet lovers and I would say it’s an eye-opener for me because I got to know about a lot of things about birds that I didn’t know before now. 

    I have bookmarked the page in case I need to check on other stuff. I appreciate for this wonderful post and i have learnt alot so far

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