Bird Perches Parrots Of All Species Will Love

Let’s look at bird perches parrots can use and will love, as all perches are not equal and we need to keep the well-being and happiness of our little feathered friends at heart here.

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There has been a trend until recent years to fit plastic perches in flight cages. Although in theory these perches are easy to keep clean, it is possible for their hollow interiors to become home to the red mite parasite.

Plastic perches are especially unsuitable for members of the parrot family for the following reasons:

  • Parrots naturally keep their beaks trimmed by gnawing at branches, and the plastic perches won’t stand up to this.
  • Some birds find the ridged design uncomfortable after a period, probably because they are of even diameter and offer no variety in perching grip. This results in the bird spending more time clinging onto the sides of the cage than sitting on his perch.

Dowel perches are sometimes supplied with cages, but these to have the drawback of being a constant diameter. However, they do not appear to cause the birds as much discomfort as plastic perches. The good part is that they can be scrubbed off easily.

Larger parrots can chew through dowel perches quite quickly, so you will need to replace these quite often.

So What Are The Best Bird Perches Parrots Will Love?

bird perches parrotsNatural branches cut from non-poisonous trees such as apple are the best bird perches parrots can enjoy. Be careful not to use wood that may have been sprayed recently.

Parrots especially will gnaw the bark and may swallow some of the slivers, in which case they could poison themselves.

Best Wood For Bird Perches:

Apple, Sycamore and Elder.

Worst Wood For Bird Perches:

Laburnum, Lilac and Yew.

Sycamore is a good choice because it is relatively hard and grows straight, so it is easy to cut bird perches to the requisite length.

Elder is softer than sycamore and provides an outlet for parrots at their most destructive, although its gnarled bark makes it harder to clean than sycamore.

In all cases, it is a good idea to wash off branches before placing them in the bird’s quarters, just in case they have been spoiled by wild birds previously.

When cutting branches to fit in a flight cage, allow for an overlap at the ends in order to hold the branches firmly in place.

If you use wire to fix the perch, make sure that this is located safely outside the cage.

Do not use string because this could choke a bird if it swallows any of the fibers, and there is also a risk of the bird becoming entangled.

The width of the perch is very important.

The diameter should be sufficiently broad to allow the bird to sit comfortably, without its front claws coming into direct contact with its rear toes.

If not, the bird may encounter difficulties in perching easily, and if its sharp claws puncture the under surface of the rear toes, there is a risk, especially in mynah birds, that an infection could develop.

If budgerigars are kept in cages with perches of constant diameter, pressure sores will develop, and these are likely to become infected, creating the condition often described as bumble foot.

Even if the perching facilities are improved at this stage, treatment of the condition is likely to be difficult, because of its deep-seated nature, with the situation being made worst if the bird is obese because of lack of exercise.

Best Bird Perches Parrots And Other Species Will Enjoy

These are the best pick of perches that can be purchased online. This is especially useful if you don’t have a sycamore tree or an apple tree growing in your back yard.

Simply click on the link or on the picture to find out more about the product.

GNB PET Natural Wood Bird Perch Set, Parrot Stand Wood Perches Paw Grinding Stick, Nature Wood Stand Toy Branch Birdcage Stands, 3 Pack

  • These bird perches are made of natural pepper wood without paint.
  • Non-toxic and completely safe for your pet to chew.
  • Strong and stable with 2 high quality washers make it easy to install.
  • There are different size options. Make sure to pick your size according to the sized bird you have.
  • The uneven surface of the perch provides good exercise and a foot massage for your pet.

KINTOR Bird Perch Nature Wood Stand for 3-4pcs Small Parrots

  • Design idea from the wild, as birds always stand on the tree branch to talk or play with each other.
  • Can accommodate 3 to 4 birds at a time.
  • 100% natural ash wood and safe to chew.
  • Easy to install to top of cage with attached screw.
  • Better for small parrots like cockatiels, lovebirds and parakeets.

GNB PET 2 Pack Bird Perch Parrot Natural Wood Fork Stand Perch (5.9 Inches to 7.87 Inches), Birdcage Stands Platform Pet Bird Toys with Stainless Steel Washers

  • Made of natural wood without paint.
  • Stainless steel washers for easy installation.
  • Different size options to choose from to suit your parrot.
  • Promotes exercise as well as healthy feet.

A&E Cage Co. Java Wood Multi Branch Perch – Small – 16 in. x 1.2 in.

  • Java wood multi branch perch.
  • Varied diameter to exercise your birds feet.
  • Environmentally friendly as these are the left over pieces of wood from non fruit baring coffee trees.

Borangs Wood Perch Bird Platform Parrot Stand Playground Cage Accessories for Small Anminals Rat Hamster Gerbil Rat Mouse Lovebird Finches Conure Budgie Exercise Toy 7 inch

  • Made of natural and non-toxic fir wood.
  • Fun to climb, play and rest on, and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the cage.
  • Easy to clean and durable.


  1. This site is for the birds. Haha! It looks like you have spent some crazy time in putting this site together. I used to house sit for some people that had an Alexandrian parrot. He was awesome! Every morning I would wake up and think someone was in the house. Then I would realize it was just the parrot talking. 

    Nice easy to read and navigate site. Thank you!

  2. Hello,

    I like your website very much, and your article. I appreciate your effort in putting together all the information. Great job.

    It is very important as pet owners to care about the health of our non-talking feathered friends. 

    Personally, I do not own any birds, but one of my friends has two parrots, and always they are chewing their colored perches. I do not know how safe they are, but I will bookmark your article for my friend. It will be very useful.

    From the options you have provided, I like the Kintor Bird Perch; it looks more friendly and especially as it is natural wood. I will recommend it to my friend.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. A very interesting site with lots of valuable information if you are interested in getting a Cockatiel. I would like to know how much human interaction is needed to keep your Cockatiel happy, if at all. Also what is the going price of these birds and where would you suggest getting them from?

    1. Hi David, you can buy cockatiels at any reputable pet shop. If they are kept on their own you would need to give him at least an hour of your attention each day, but if you have two they pretty much keep themselves busy.

      If you work during the day, make sure you leave him with some toys and a mirror to keep him occupied. I also hang mine outdoors so they can see all the wild birds. Just make sure they are protected from the elements.

  4. One the best pets my boys ever had was a parakeet.  They have had large and small pets.  Pete, ( that was his name) was easily trained.  

    We lived in a large house with two stories completely open.  Peter would perch on a window sill but come when he was called landing on a finger.  We could say – into your cage- and he would fly in and close the door.  If we pointed to a visitor’s shoulder, it would fly over and perch there.  Enough of this.  My son always wanted to cut wooden roosts but I insisted on store-bought ones.  It turns out he was right.  Great article.  We are looking at a larger bird.  I will take your advice seriously.

    1. It sounds like an amazing bird, and you must have spent a lot of time with him to get him so well trained. I wish mine would go back to his cage and close the door. I would love to know how you got that one right.

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