Are You Ready To Own A Cockatiel?

Cockatiel Pics_0008Cockatiels offer their owners charm and loads of personality. They also come free of the problems such as biting and excessive noise that the bigger parrots bring with them. Although they are not noted for their talking ability like the bigger birds, they can be taught and are good at whistling simple tunes.

Before you consider having a cockatiel as a pet, you need to consider the following:

Do you like animals? Do you have time to care for one properly? Can you have pets where you live?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, then you are probably a good candidate for cockatiel ownership.

You must be the sort of person who doesn’t mind a bit of mess, as cockatiels can be messy by discarding their seed hulls, feathers around their cage. You shouldn’t mind the noise either, as they can be quite vocal, especially in the early mornings and evenings. If you are allergic to dust, you might need to consider another pet, as cockatiels will make you sneeze.

If you want a cockatiel as a pet, try to buy one that is young and hand fed. Cockatiels are usually weaned by the time they are eights weeks old, and should be fine to purchase any time from then. They will be easier to train if they are used to human contact and still young.

To maintain a cockatiels lovable personality, they need companionship. You will need to devote about a half hour or more a day paying attention to your bird. If you can’t spare this, get two cockatiels so that they have each other for company.

A half hour a day isn’t really a lot. You could cuddle him while you watch your sitcom, or eat breakfast or dinner together. Let him watch you get ready for work in the mornings. Time can also be spent on training and taming your cockatiel on a daily basis.

Before you become a cockatiel owner you will also need to consider the following:

The total cost of the bird, cage and accessories;

The cost each month for bird food;

The cost of veterinary care;

How busy your life is and how much time you can spend with your bird;

Who will care for your bird if you go away;

How many and what type of pets do you own;

Do you have space in your home for another one?

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