What To Feed Cockatiels

When considering what to feed cockatiels, you need to think about what cockatiels would generally consume out there in the wild. Finding a diet that best suits their natural diet will help avoid future health problems and complications. what to feed cockatiels

Cockatiels are generally the most easy pets to care for, and if looked after well they hardly ever get sick.

Most times cockatiels are happy with a mixture of sunflower and budgie seeds, but it is always good to offer your bird a variety of different food types, like fresh vegetables and fruit.  Make sure these are as fresh as possible and avoid letting them feed on servings that have gone bad. It is best to feed cockatiels during morning or evening hours. This is because those are the times they would normally forage for food out there in the wild.

The best food for cockatiels is a highquality pelleted diet, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. They should also be given a small amount of millet, fresh grasses, and sprouts. Cockatiels also enjoy nuts, such as almonds, and seeds, such as sunflower, in moderation.

What To Feed Cockatiels?

These are the most ideal vegetables to try on your cockatiel:

Carrots and Carrot Leaves


Leafy Greens

Sweet Peppers




Green Beans


How you serve these vegetables doesn’t really matter, but you could cook them slightly and serve them warm. Avoid giving your cockatiel too much lettuce as it could cause him to get a runny stomach.

These are the most ideal fruits for your cockatiel

Varieties of Berries




Kiwi Fruit





Never ever give your cockatiel any avocado pear. They are not equipped to digest this and it could prove fatal. Another no-no is chocolate.

If you would like to learn how to make your own cockatiel food, go to homemade cockatiel food here.


  1. It looks like Cockatiels really love fruit and greens. They sure know how to choose a healthy diet LOL. These birds are amazing and very clever and I would like to get one of them one day. There are also a lot of people that are selling them here where I live.

    Are there any foods that they should avoid at all cost?

  2. From looking at the list of foods for this bird, I’m not surprised that they hardly get sick. Very healthy diet indeed.

    I think people can learn from this.

    I was wondering if the cockatiel can finish the whole bowl, judging from looking at your picture. Do they have that big an appetite?

  3. Hi Michel,
    Great post, it looks like cockatiels have very healthy eating habits! It’s great to know exactly what they can and can’t eat. Was that applesauce in the picture? Do they handle natural fruits and veggies better than processed or does it matter? Are there any specific toys or exercises that are good for their health?

    1. Yes, but apple sauce with no added sugars. Fresh is always best.

      As long as they have the right perches and toys in their cages, and you take them out from time to time, they get their exercise.

  4. I definitely learned a lot from your post! We had cockatiels as pets when I was a kid but my parents only fed them seed, never fresh vegetables or fruits.

    I never knew that birds were supposed to be fed such a healthy diet but can definitely understand why. I’m glad I ran across your article because we have been considering getting a small bird for our daughter.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very interesting article on what to feed your fine featured friend, I never knew those birds preferred such a healthy diet. They are such beautiful critters, I am a little concerned if I am able to take care of one properly since I never had one before.

    Are these birds difficult to care for, do they require much maintenance care?

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