What Not To Feed Your Cockatiel

As a cockatiel owner, do you know what not to feed your cockatiel?

So, What Not to Feed Your Cockatiel

what not to feed your cockatielFoods that are considered harmful to your cockatiel, are alcohol, rhubarb and avocado. Highly salted, sweetened and very fatty foods should also be kept away from your bird.

You should especially avoid feeding cockatiel’s chocolate as it contains a chemical called theobromine, which birds cannot digest as people can. Chocolate can kill your cockatiel, so resist all temptation to share this treat with your pet.

Another bad one for birds is Avo.  This fruit can be deadly for birds.what not to feed your cockatiel

Avoid giving your cockatiel the seeds from apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears and plums as they can also be harmful to your pet’s health.

Your parrot will enjoy all other fruits. However, fruits that have pits should have the pits removed first, and fruits that have seeds should have the seeds removed. All fruits should be washed well and even scrubbed, and then cut into small pieces for your parrot to enjoy at his leisure.  If feasible, always choose organic fruits.

While many owners carefully wash all fruit and vegetables before giving them to their parrots, they frequently don’t consider possible pesticide contamination from fruit tree branches placed within cockatiel cages.  These branches also should be scrubbed before adding them to a cage. Not only do you have to fret about insecticides, but you have to also fret about parasites and bugs. Washing and then baking the branches, in a 200-degree cooker, for about an hour or so will take care of this problem.

Salt is another food that you ought to be careful about. Unlike avocados, your parrot does not need to avoid salt. You don’t need to buy a salt block for your parrot. As an alternative get him a mineral block, and just let him get his salt from the fruits that he enjoys.

While most parrots enjoy dairy foods, they don’t easily digest them. Therefore, any dairy food should be given in small quantities, and not very often. Milk nonetheless is best left off the menu.

While fruits, plants, nuts, and seeds are good for parrots, you should avoid giving them any type of fast foods that are made for human consumption. This doesn’t mean that you can not ever give your parrot human food treats, just make sure that it is a rare treat, and a tiny amount.

Also, just as people have food sensitivities, your parrot may also have dietary sensitivities. If you happen to spot that he’s having breathing problems or runny eyes after eating a new food, you should seek treatment from your veterinarian, where blood tests can be performed to ascertain where an allergy to the food exists.

Let common sense be your guide in choosing which foods can be offered to your cockatiel or parrot. If it is healthy for you, it is probably okay to share with your cockatiel, but remember to reduce the size of the portion you offer to your bird. A small cockatiel sized portion will be more appealing to your bird than a human sized portion.

Another thing that shouldn’t be shared with your cockatiel is your saliva. Don’t give your cockatiel something that you have bitten or chewed, as your saliva has bacteria in it that can harm your cockatiel. By the same token, you shouldn’t kiss your cockatiel on the beak, rather kiss him on the top of his little head or on his cheek. Don’t allow your cockatiel to put his head in your mouth either or nibble on your lips. Although we tend to see people doing this often, it is not safe for your cockatiel’s health.

Summary On What Not To Feed Your Cockatiel

  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy
  • Pips or Seeds in Fruit
  • Unwashed Fruit
  • Saliva
  • Fast Food


  1. Thank you very much for your precious article. My cockatiel(Cuckoo) loves salt very much. He would munch some salt and acts like he is getting high looking soo funny.. buts thanks to your article no salt for cuckoo from today onwards. Keep posting useful articles to help us better care for our pet birds.

  2. One thing I didn’t see in your not to feed list is beans. I know it is bad for birds due to the same reason it is unlawful to feed soda tablets to pigeons. They have no release for gas in their bowels. Just thought I would add this.

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