Vision Bird Cage Review

Let’s look at the Vision Bird Cage. There is a range of them available and they are very attractive cages to keep your birds in.

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This Vision bird cage has many revolutionary design features that set it apart from traditional bird cages. The vision bird cage provides your bird with lots of room to move around and bird movements cause air currents, which flow outwards, and in the case of most standard bird cages these air currents eject waste and seed debris outside of the cage and onto the floor.

With Vision Cages, the combination of the debris guard, the deep base and the placement of the seed and water cups helps combat air currents to keep the majority of the waste and debris inside the cage. This is what attracted me most to this cage, as I was sick of sweeping up bird seed every day.

Most cages come with pull-out drawers that fail to do a good job of collecting bird waste and create maintenance headaches as a result. Vision’s unique no-drawer design simplifies cage cleaning-simply detach the cage portion and empty the contents of the base into the waste bin. The result is less time-consuming, messy cleanups associated with bird keeping, leaving you more time to enjoy your pet. Vision’s deep base can handle multiple types of litter, while raised ridges inside the base provide air circulation and help prevent mildew.

The bird cage also allows non-invasive, exterior access to seed/water cups, reducing stress to birds during maintenance. In addition, multi-grip perches promote circulation and help prevent foot problems.

The knock-down cages are easy to assemble with a five-minute quick, click-snap assembly. Vision bird cages are available in a variety of sizes, including small bird cages or large wire cages. They are recommended for bird species as listed due to their natural behaviors and not by size of bird. The medium cage is suitable for budgies, canaries, finches, parrotlets and lineolated parakeets. Vision also creates a variety of bird cage accessories including parakeet perches, parakeet toys, parakeet mirrors, bird baths, bird nest holders, bird cage stands and other parakeet supplies.

Vision M01 Wire Bird Cage, Bird Home for Parakeets, Finches and Canaries, Medium

  • This wire bird cage is suitable for budgies, canaries, finches, parrotlets and lineolated parakeets.
  • Debris guard helps keep waste inside cage and bird cage detaches from base for fast, easy cleaning.
  • Non-invasive, exterior access to seed and water cups reduces stress to birds.
  • Includes two waste shields, two green bird seed and water dishes, and two green bird perches.
  • Dimensions: 16 inches long x 25 inches wide x 21 inches high.

The perfect blend of elegant design and practical functionality, Vision revolutionized the bird cage industry by re-inventing the way we house pet birds. Vision bird homes have many revolutionary design features.

Key Features:
  • No Drawer Cage Design.
  • Cage cleaning is simplified as cage detaches from base for fast, easy maintenance.
  • Exterior Seed Water Cup Access.
  • Allows non-invasive access, reducing stress on birds during maintenance.
  • Double Pivoting Front Doors.
  • Pivot inwards at 90 degree angle, forms a convenient landing platform.
  • Multi Grip Perches which promote circulation and help prevent foot problems.
  • Carrying handles make the cage easy to transport.

The only drawback is that the cage can’t be shipped overseas.

Feel free to comment below if you are lucky enough to own a Vision Bird Cage.

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