Wall Mounted Entertainment Center For Birds

If you have any sort of parrot, they will simply love to have a wall mounted entertainment center to entertain themselves with when they are outside of their cages.

Just as we enjoy our wall mounted entertainment centers like this one on the left, wall mounted entertainment centerbirds will similarly enjoy their own wall mounted entertainment center of a different kind.

Wall mounted entertainment centers are also great because they stop your feathered friend from chewing on your couches or wooden dining room chairs.

Kaytee Feathered Fun Wall Mount Activity Center, Pet Bird, Keet/Tiel

  • This wall mounted entertainment center can be hung on the wall or used on a table top.
  • The wall mounted entertainment center includes a removable tray, locking dishes and toy attachment points.
  • Features place for photos on the doors.
  • Can be used for any companion birds.
  • 3-1/2-Inch long, 20-inch wide, 12-inch high.
  • The wall mounted entertainment center simply folds away and you can close it neatly after use.

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Both my cockatiels fit on this wall mounted entertainment center at the same time.

They have other play areas as well, but sometimes they just keep trying to get to me, so I have this on the wall near my favorite chair so they can be close and still out of the way.

The best part is when I’m not using it I fold it up and it reveals two 8″ x 10″ family photos. I like that the treat cups are detachable for washing. It also has multiple eye hooks for hanging toys (it comes with none). It was better built than I thought it would be for the price!

I didn’t use the mounting brackets. Instead, I drilled a slat of wood trim into a stud in the wall, then drilled straight through the wood back into the slat.

I was afraid my son would try to open the doors and bump it which would send it flying off the wall. Also, I got a brown furniture marker and colored a wide strip on the bottom of the tray so that it was less visible when it’s closed (there’s about a 1/16″ gap between the doors, but nothing unsightly.

It took me two months before I broke down and ordered this because I was afraid it would be too small, but for under $20 delivered (Amazon Prime), I just had to try it – and I’m so glad I did!”

“This wall mounted entertainment center is perfect for small birds such as Parakeets. The product arrived on time in perfect condition. We were impressed with the wood quality and how well thought out it was!

The extra hooks to attach add on toys is awesome! Let’s you change things and keep your pet entertained. We have had play areas for our previous Parakeets and this portable setup is nice as you can put it away easily under the cage. The plastic cups easily twist off for cleaning … I noticed other folks saying they did not come off but they are actually an easy twist to remove them. Again… very well thought out design. Great value. Good quality.”

“My cockatiel never liked it…she was terrified of it ha ha ha. It’s cute though and would probably work better for much smaller birds like budgies. The wood used is a bit of a concern if your bird is a chewer and the tabs holding in the boards behind the pictures were rusty on mine upon arrival. I actually ended up gutting it (pulling out the playground) and just using it to store her snacks ha ha ha. It was a good try though.”

BirdsComfort Parrot Wooden Play Gym, Bird Activity Center, Wood Table Top Playground for Small Pionus, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, – Base: 31” x 22′ , Overall Height: 30″ – 2 levels

  • This one is not wall mounted.
  • Base 31″ x 22″
  • Second level 28″ x 20″
  • Overall height 30″
  • Made with 7/8″ dowel, Not recomended for Cockatoo’s, Amazons, or Macaws.


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How To Make Your Own Entertainment Center For Your Pet Bird

With a little thought and imagination, you could even try making your own bird gym for your little friend.

All you would need is wood, PVC, ropes, chains, and swings.

Because all parrots love to chew, a wood base would be the best.

You could use branches from parrot safe trees like apple, hickory or manzanita.  Clean the wook well with a scrubbing brusy and non-toxic disinfectant to remove anything that may make your bird sick.  Allow the wood to dry in the sun.

You could stand your branch in a pot plant pot or attach it to a base, as long as it is sturdy and won’t fall over when your bird is playing on it.

You can use PVC to make perches and ladders for your bird to play on. PVC is a little stronger than wood and will last when your bird chews on it. Try to find a pipe that is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter.

Try using a thick rope with knots tied in it every 12 to 24cm. Your bird will enjoy climbing up it. Chains can also be used, but don’t use large openings that your bird could put her whole foot or head through, or she may get stuck.

A bell is a great idea, as parrots love making a noise. Buy some at your pet shop to ensure that they are bird safe. You can attach with rope or chains.

Don’t forget to include a swing, as birds normally love swings. These can also be bought at your pet shop and attached to the branches or wood.

Have fun watching your bird play on his new entertainment center or play gym.



  1. I’m looking to buy the Feathered Fun Wall Mount Activity Centre for my 26yo cockatiel but I can’t find anywhere online that ships to Australia. Can you please help?

    1. I know it’s a problem.

      I stay in South Africa and have the same issues. You find some great stuff to buy online, but then they don’t ship to your country. I can’t check Australia from here, but I did find some on Amazon that do ship to South Africa, although they are only a few, so maybe its the same with Australia. This is one that does ship to South Africa, so maybe it would be the same for Australia.

      Hope this helps and good luck. The other option would be to get somebody who is good a woodwork to make you a customized wall mounted pet activity centre.

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