Should I Let My Dog Sleep On My Bed?

This may seem like a silly question for some, as it is natural to let their dogs sleep on their beds, but I am going to look at the question ‘should I let my dog sleep on my bed’ today, and the answer might surprise (or upset) many of you.

The best way to make your dog well balanced, happy, and well-behaved is to understand how his world works and to learn in a way to speak the same language that he does.

I am going to share with you expert dog training advice to help you solve naughty behavior, make your dog obey you, and turn you into the next ‘dog Whisperer!’

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How Does Your Dog’s Brain Work?

should I let my dog sleep on my bed

Dogs are by nature pack animals descended from wolves – and you need to understand this if you’re going to make him happy.

In the wild, dogs and wolves will live and hunt in packs in which they all play specific roles and where there’s a hierarchy of power.

The key to a successful relationship with your dog is to let him know that you are the leader of his pack and that other members of the family are higher in your pack’s hierarchy than he is.

Although this may sound a little cruel, it isn’t. Your dog will be happy to know he has a strong leader because it’s the leader of the pack’s job to provide food, shelter, security, and fulfill the other dogs’ needs.

So Should I Let My Dog Sleep On My Bed?

should I let my dog sleep on my bed

Here are some actions to take that can transform your dog’s behavior in just a few days.

First, a crucial indicator of position in the pack is the order in which dogs eat.

Let your dog know you are higher than he is by always eating your meals just before him so he understands that you eat first and he has to wait until you’re finished.

Next, know that the leader of the pack always has the best sleeping position. The higher the dog is in the pecking order, the closer they sleep to the leaders.

If you let your dog sleep in your bedroom or on your bed, you’re letting him know that he has equal power.

Assert your authority by occasionally asking your dog to move away from where he’s resting so you can sit there. Letting a small dog sleep on your lap is a sign that you’re being submissive to him and will therefore obey his every command.

In fact, since height is a key indicator in doggy language, never allow your dog to stand up on furniture or people to make himself seem like the leader.

Finally, it’s vital that you show your dog that you are in command.

Rather than doing this by shouting at him when he’s behaving badly because shouting isn’t part of the way dogs communicate, command through a gentle whisper, reward good behaviors, and use patience rather than force.

It’s easy not to notice when a dog is being good so remember to stroke and pet him if he’s lying quietly or sitting nicely.

So How Else Can You Be A Good Leader?

To be a good leader for your dog, you must provide good food, play, and exercise, security, and understanding.

A walk or run around in the park will be enough to satisfy most dogs’ need for a physical outlet, but they also need plenty of opportunities to play games and exercise their minds.

Tugging a ropy, catching a ball, hide and seek are just some of the games your dog will love playing.

But remember that the leader should be the one who’s in charge of the toys as well as when and where you use them.

In terms of security, it’s important to remember that many dogs feel insecure when they are alone, so provide him with a covered, cozy area he can go and hid in when you are not there.

Take the time to understand your dog better and you’ll be amply rewarded with a happy and well-behaved dog.

And to answer the question of ‘should I let my dog sleep on my bed,’ the answer is no, get him his own bed.

Dog beds like these can be ordered online by simply clicking on the pictures.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to comment below, whether you agree or disagree.


  1. This is a very fascinating and thought provoking post on whether you should let your dog sleep on your bed. I had never thought about a domesticated dog as being part of a pack, but it certainly makes sense, and you need to let your dog know who is boss. 

    I have never been a fan of letting dogs sleep on my bed, as I think it is unhealthy for you. If your dog has its own bed, they will be warm and comfortable and there is no need to share your bed with your dog. 

  2. Very interesting — it makes sense, since dogs are pack animals, not to let them sleep on your bed.  However, I am a cat person, and the way you deal with cats is certainly different than the way you deal with dogs. Cats are not pack animals. Cats think of themselves as our equals, and in the case of the bed, I’m glad, because I love having my cat sleep on my bed with me. 

    I have a website about cats, so write about them a lot. It’s very interesting to note the differences. As you probably know, you do not give cats commands. You do not expect them to obey. Cooperate, maybe, but obedience is a word they do not understand. I guess that makes dealing with dogs a bit easier, but I’d have to learn a whole new set of ways to behave around a dog. Thank you for pointing out this important difference.

    1. Hi Fran,

      Yes, cats are certainly a breed of their own. Having one almost seems like having a member of the royal family in your home. Much as I love them, I, unfortunately, won’t get a cat, as he or she might make one of my birds a meal.

  3. Hello,

    Interesting post: I have a dog, and he loves to sleep on the couch day time also, he likes to sleep in my sons bed at night. He would like to go to my bed, but I don’t let him to do that. 

    We took Popeye from shelter a half year ago (he is around 3 years old), well-trained, knows commands, listens what we are saying him. He got a stomach problem a couple of months ago, I read online, it’s happened  because he changed the diet and advice to give him a raw steak a little (pitbull-mutt). How do you think, do I need to give raw meat to my Popeye or not?

    After reading your article, I understand I am right not to let my dog sleep in my sons bed. Thank you again.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I must admit that I have never heard of curing a stomach problem with raw steak, but as long is it is not raw pork, maybe it is worth a try.

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