Various Small Parrot Playstands Available Online

Before we look at various small parrot playstands you can purchase online, I had to show you this video that teaches you how to make your own.

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Don’t you think the parrot/cockatiel diaper is a great idea. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I can’t imagine my bird enjoying wearing this one. Click on the picture to find out how you can get one.

This bird diaper is different from regular version. It has larger capacity of the pocket, which allows you to put several tissues into it. The area of fastener closure is larger than regular version. It is easy to adjust and fit the bird better. The diaper is washable and can be used many times.

Cute patterns are available and this diaper will fit a cockatiel, Indian Ringneck, Monk Parakeet or Lorie.

Small Parrot Playstands Suitable For Cockatiels

Here is a selection of small parrot playstands for you to choose from. You can simply order them online by clicking on the photograph.

This is a Kintor Table Top Parrot Playstand designed for small areas. It is a simple play stand compared to the others that you see below.

    • It will fit perfectly on your table or desk if you like your bird sitting near you as you work. It is also easy to move around to different locations for a change of scenery for your bird.
    • Great for hand taming.
    • The base size length is 26cm and the width is 23 cm. The birdstand is made with 100% natural hard wood and is safe to Che on. The screws are hidden so the toy is pet safe.

This is a lovely playstand that your small birds can have fun on for hours.

It is made with natural pine wood and all parts are connected with screws rather than glue. It is handmade without the use of toxic materials.

Multiple small birds can roost and play on it at the same time.

The size of this stand is 17.7 x 12.2 x 31.5 inches. It includes the accessories as seen in the picture.

This QBLEEV porrot playstand on the left is made of wood,and all the parts are connected with screws ,not glue making the play gym more sturdy and stable.

It is handmade using no  toxic materials.

The wood bar doesn’t paint poisonous pigment or anything else, just keep natural and original.

The wood bar’s diameter is 0.7 ” and it is suitable for Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Finches and even African Greys.

This small parrot playstand is great fun and provides stimulation for your bird mentally and physically.

The brightly colored toys will also appeal to the birds.

The parrot playstand on the right is also a lot of fun for your bird.  It offers swing perching areas and ladders for additional exercise opportunities.

This bird stand is made from 100% natural wood, non toxic materials and all the parts are connected with screws ,not glue. The perch surface polished smooth, will not hurt the bird feet.

This stand is for small or medium birds animals, is easy to assemble, and comes with easy-clean removable tray and stainless steel food and water cups.

Hope that your little parrots have fun on their new parrot playstand.

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