Parrot Trick – How To Teach Your Cockatiel To Wave

In this video, you can see an African Grey Parrot and a Cockatoo waving. If you want to learn how to teach this parrot trick to your cockatiel, read on.

How To Teach Your Cockatiel To Wave

This is actually a very popular parrot trick, but did you know that you can also teach it to your cockatiel. parrot trick

First, your cockatiel must be tame enough to sit on a T-stand outside of its cage.

The one here is ideal and you can order it from Amazon for about 20 bucks by clicking on the picture.

Let your cockatiel (or parrot for that matter) sit on the T-Stand.

Wiggle your fingers of your right hand as if creating a small wave.

While you are doing this, say the word “wave” or whatever word you want to use to convey the message.

Now offer your hand or finger for your bird to step on.

Each time the cockatiel tries to step onto your hand pull it away.

Soon it will learn that all it has to do to win the reward is to raise its left foot only.

So ideally you should be able to just wave your fingers back and forth and it should gradually raise its foot.

Reward your bird immediately when it lifts the foot as high as possible as it starts to drop. This is the beginning of the wave.

Repeat this process over and over, until the bird imitates you by waving its foot from side to side.

Parrot Trick Tip:

To help your bird to focus, make sure you remove any distractions, like toys or a radio playing in the background.

To learn how to teach your bird some more parrot tricks, you can click here.


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