How Much Do Bird Cages Cost?

how much do bird cages costIf you are looking at getting a cockatiel as a pet and asking how much do bird cages cost? Here are some examples of some well-priced cages that you can buy from Amazon online.

Good bird cages range from$24 to $155 depending on how fancy you want to go. It is always best not to go for the cheapest, or the quality will suffer.

How Much Do Bird Cages Cost?

Choosing The Right Cage

Choosing the right cage for the right bird is very important. For instance, the wider the bars are apart, the bigger the bird ususally is. It is no use putting a budgie in a cage where the bars are spaced to widely apart, or he is bound to escape.

The bars of a budgie cage should be about a quarter of an inch apart. If the bars are even a little wider than this, the budgie could get his head stuck in-between the bars.

The minimum size of the bird cage should be 18 by 18 inches or bigger. Obviously, the bigger the better, then your feathered friend will get more exercise. Your bird must have space to move around and spread his wings without any part of him touching the side.

It might be a better idea to go for a square cage if you need to save space in your home, as you can put a square cage in the corner with minimal space wastage.

If the bird cage is to be kept outdoors, go for galvanised steel to prevent rusting.

Accessories For Your Bird Cage

Remember you also need to buy accessories for the cage that you will need to take into account. A pet bird will need perches, toys, ladders, mirrors etc….. If you have a bird on it’s own, you will definitely need to purchase it a mirror, so it has some company.

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