How Much Do Bird Cages Cost?

If you are looking at getting a cockatiel as a pet and asking how much do bird cages cost, I have included some here that are not too expensive that you can order online simply by clicking on the link or the picture.

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A bird cage is the biggest initial investment you will make for your bird. Try to buy the biggest one you can afford taking into account the amount of space you have in your house for the cage.

Good bird cages range from$30 to $200 depending on how fancy you want to go. It is always best not to go for the cheapest, or the quality will suffer.

how much do bird cages cost

Choosing The Right Cage

Choosing the right cage for the right bird is very important. For instance, the wider the bars are apart, the bigger the bird usually is. It is no use putting a budgie in a cage where the bars are spaced too widely apart, or he is bound to escape.

The bars of a budgie cage should be about a quarter of an inch apart. If the bars are even a little wider than this, the budgie could get his head stuck in between the bars.

The minimum size of the bird cage should be 18 by 18 inches or bigger. Obviously, the bigger the better, then your feathered friend will get more exercise. Your bird must have space to move around and spread his wings without any part of him touching the side.

It might be a better idea to go for a square cage if you need to save space in your home, as you can put a square cage in the corner with minimal space wastage.

If the bird cage is to be kept outdoors, go for galvanized steel to prevent rusting.

Accessories For Your Bird Cage

Remember you also need to buy accessories for the cage that you will need to take into account. A pet bird will need perches, toys, ladders, etc….. If you have a bird on its own, you will need to purchase it a mirror, so it has some company, even if that company is in the form of itself.

How Much Do Bird Cages Cost?

Bird Cages Available To Purchase Online

Sourcing bird cages online will usually end up costing you a lot less than purchasing them at the pet store. Here are a few of my favorites.

Luxurious Living: Large Bird Cage with Rolling Stand & Storage Shelf

Introducing this top-quality 53-inch Bird Cage with Rolling Stand & Storage Shelf, a must-have for all pet bird owners!

Designed with utmost care and made to impress, this large wrought iron parrot cage is specially crafted to cater to the needs of your beloved feathered friends.

Crafted from low-carbon, rust-proof material, this bird cage is built to withstand the test of time. Its sturdy metal frame construction is coated with non-toxic and lead-free paint, ensuring the safety and well-being of your avian companions. Rest assured, there are no sharp edges in sight that may harm your precious birds.

how much do bird cages costWith its ideal dimensions, measuring 24.02″(L) x 16.34″(W) x 53.15″(H), this parakeet cage can comfortably accommodate small to medium-sized birds, offering them a spacious and comfortable living environment. Give your birds the freedom to spread their wings and explore their surroundings!

But wait, there’s more! This birdcage comes complete with a convenient rolling stand and a storage shelf.

Now you can easily move the cage around your home or patio without hassle, ensuring your birds are always in the heart of the action. The added storage shelf provides ample space to keep all your bird-related essentials organized and within reach.

Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this bird cage is not only a comfortable haven for your feathered companions but also an elegant addition to any household. Its sleek design seamlessly blends into any decor, making it a perfect fit for modern homes.

Invest in the best for your pet bird and create a nurturing environment they truly deserve. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform their lives. Order our 53-inch Bird Cage with Rolling Stand & Storage Shelf now and give your feathered friends a home they’ll never want to leave!

Ultimate Haven for Birds: VEVOR 30 Inch Stackable Flight Bird Cage with Slide-Out Tray

Introducing the VEVOR 30-inch Flight Bird Cage – the ultimate living space for your beloved feathered friends. Made with robust Q195 Carbon Steel, this cage offers unparalleled durability and strength, ensuring the safety and security of your precious birds.

With generous dimensions of 29.9″L x 18.1″W x 17.9″H, your birds will have ample room to spread their wings and enjoy unrestricted movement.

bird cages

The 0.4″ grid spacing provides a safe environment while still allowing your feathered companions to interact with their surroundings.

This stackable birdcage comes equipped with a convenient slide-out tray, making cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of dismantling the cage for maintenance. The tray ensures a quick and efficient cleaning process, allowing you to spend more quality time with your birds.

We understand that convenience is key when it comes to caring for your pets. That’s why the VEVOR Flight Bird Cage features a sturdy handle, enabling easy transportation and relocation. Whether you’re moving the cage for cleaning or taking your birds for some fresh air, this handle will be your trusty companion.

The expert craftsmanship ensures the cage’s sturdiness, providing peace of mind for bird owners. Give your feathered friends the secure and comfortable home they deserve.

Upgrade to the VEVOR 30 Inch Flight Bird Cage today and witness the joy and freedom your birds will experience within its spacious confines. A professional choice for professional bird owners.

Premium Yaheetech Open Play Top Bird Cage – Ideal for Bird Owners on the Go

Introducing the Yaheetech Open Play Top Travel Bird Cage, the perfect sanctuary for your beloved feathered friends. Specifically designed for bird owners, this cage is ideal for Conure Sun Parakeets, Green Cheek Conures, Lovebirds, and Budgies.

Featuring an innovative open play top design, this birdcage allows your birdies to venture outside of their enclosure and indulge in playtime and relaxation. The cage top can be opened widely, providing a spacious area for your feathered companions to spread their wings and explore. Additionally, a perch can be easily attached to the door panels on the top, ensuring optimal comfort for your birds.

how much do bird cages costWhat sets this cage apart is its convenient travel-friendly design. Equipped with two sturdy handles on the top, this cage can be effortlessly transported wherever you and your birds desire. Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or simply relocating the cage within your home, this handy travel cage ensures a stress-free experience for both you and your birds.

Crafted with the utmost professionalism, the Yaheetech Open Play Top Travel Bird Cage is constructed with high-quality materials to guarantee durability and longevity. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly integrates into any living space, adding a touch of elegance to your bird’s habitat.

Provide your feathered friends with the ultimate living environment that promotes both interaction and freedom. Invest in the Yaheetech Open Play Top Travel Bird Cage and witness the joy and contentment it brings to your beloved birds.

So as you can see the cost of bird cages does vary from cage to cage and manufacturer to manufacturer, but I am sure you will agree the cages above are well prices and of a high quality.

I hope I gave you a good idea of how much do bird cages cost?

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