Cockatiel Singing Videos From All Over The Internet

Cockatiel Singing Videos For You To Enjoy!

There is nothing cuter than a cockatiel that is tamed and one that can perform tricks and sing.

Cockatiels always look like they are trying so hard to please their owners. Even though it is said that their little brains resemble a two-year-olds, I am sure you will agree that they are highly intelligent birds.

Here is a compilation of all my favourite cockatiel singing videos. Enjoy!

This one is singing happy birthday to himself!

This clever cockatiel sings ‘If Your’re Happy And You Know It.’

Snugly the Cinnamon Cockatiel is around five and a half months old and loves to sing.

H ere is some inspiration to make your cockatiel sing.

This clever cockatiel does a mesh up of songs. See if you recognise them.

This cockatiel is singing Dubstep.

A very in tune version of Rock a bye Baby.

For funny cockatiel videos, click here.

Hope you have enjoyed this selection. Please share your thoughts below.

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