Why I Had To Resort To A Bird Collar

Have you ever needed a bird collar for your bird? This could happen for many reasons, like feather plucking, picking on a wound, etc.

I, unfortunately, had the misfortune to have to resort to a bird collar for the first time for my bare-eyed Goffin cockatoo and it has been a very traumatic two weeks for both of us.

Why I Had To Resort To A Bird Collar

Two weeks ago when I uncovered my bird on Sunday morning, I was shocked to discover that he was covered in blood. On further inspection, I saw that the back toe on his right foot was completely off, and unfortunately, he was chewing on his foot making the damage even worse.

So I quickly bundled him up in a towel and my husband drove me to the nearest ‘open’ vet. This was extremely hard to find on a Sunday, but luckily the one vet that was open seemed to know a lot about birds.

On inspection, he said that the bird must have gotten his claw hooked on something and chewed to get himself free. Then as the foot was sore and bleeding, he proceeded to carry on chewing. He said that birds always pick at areas on their body that are in pain, and thus self mutilate themselves in this manner.

Needless to say, I had to tearfully leave her at the vet so that he could construct a collar and repair the damage to her foot.

I fetched her on Thursday, and she was a very miserable bird.

bird collarShe didn’t eat for a few days after being under anesthetic so she was extremely skinny and she just looked so defeated.

She kept holding onto the cage, so I can only presume her neck was getting tired of holding her head up.

It is amazing how these birds use their feet for everything, so now she couldn’t even hold her food to eat it.

She also looked very unkempt as she obviously hasn’t been able to preen herself for days.

I took her home and have been feeding her out of my hand ever since, and she is slowly perking up.

Unfortunately, the collar looks like it is going to stay on for a few weeks until the foot has healed fully, or she will just go back and start chewing again.

The collar was made of the film that they use to take X-rays with. The stapled it together and then used Elastoplast around all the edges to soften them.

The bird collar has lasted amazingly well and is still in tact and on her ten days later, even though she is constantly trying to find ways of getting out of it.

As you can see her back toe on her right foot is completely gone. She will have to learn to live without it now.

The worst part is trying to get her to takebird collar her antibiotics twice a day. I have had to try various food sources to hide it in, and sometimes she eats it all, but most times not.

I have tried Pronutro, egg, banana, and bread, and the Pronutro porridge has been the most successful so far.

Seeing the syringe just causes her to panic and she spits it all out.

The vet has also given me Devil’s Claw to put into her water, which luckily she is drinking a lot of. This is supposed to be a natural pain killer.

Needless to say, she is slowly getting used to the collar, although it does limit her a lot.

For instance, she can’t hold her food in her foot and eat it like she normally does. She also battles to climb onto another perch as she can’t see where to put her foot.

I have now placed one perch in between her food and water now and she stays there for the day, then at night I have a perch higher up in the cage for her to roost on and this seems to be working well for now.

Her stitches come out on Monday and then once the foot has fully recovered and she is putting all her weight on it again I can remove the collar.

Can One Buy Bird Collars?

I was quite amazed to find that there was an array of bird collars for sale online, and a whole lot more comfortable looking than the one Casper has to wear, but in case you need one in a hurry, it is always good to have one in the house for emergencies.

If you want to find out more about a collar, simply click on the pictures. These are affiliate links.

Casper is slowly getting more perky and is eating a lot better now, although I still have to hold the food in front of her as she can’t get to it easily with her bird collar.bird collar


I finally removed the collar at the end of January, and the first thing that she did was preen herself from top to toe.

She occasionally wants to bite her sore foot, but she is gentle and hasn’t made it worse. In fact the foot is now almost totally heeled and she is getting used to not having that extra toe on her right foot.


  1. Poor baby, I hope she gets better soon. It must be such a change of life for her, not being able to see where she puts her feet. I don’t have any bird, but I used to and I always loved them and enjoyed their company. Luckily, today, many wild birds choose to live on my property and I often see them in their nests or as they walk around, pecking the ground. I once helped a small bird when it got stuck in the fence. Although it was a wild bird,d it didn’t fight or resist me or tried to escape my hands. It knew I was helping it, and after I managed to free it, it remained sitting on my hand for a while, until it was ready to fly. Your Casper probably knows that you are helping too.

    I had no idea that these bird collars were for sale. That’s good to know, just in case … In the future I would love to have a few parakeets again, maybe one day. Do vets sell bird collars as well or is it better to buy them online?

    1. The vets seem to make there own, but I was surprised to find that you can actually buy them online. Thanks for the comment Christine.

  2. You write such a fascinating story. I do feel for your bird and you. It is never nice to watch an animal suffer. It is good she is in good hands and on the mend. Hopefully she will learn how to live successfully with her handicap. I had never even thought about having a collar for a bird. But I can see how one would be extremely useful. She is fortunate to have such a kind owner to take such good care of her. It reminds me of having to feed kittens or puppies who can’t fend for themselves.
    All the best to your cockatoo and you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carolyn. I am happy to say she is on the mend and looking a lot happier. I think the bird collar will come off in the next two weeks.

  3. I am so sorry that you even had to write this story about your bird. I pray she lives a joyful and fun life despite being handicap. I’ve never considered buying a pet but you have just opened my mind when I choose to get a new pet.

    It never registered to me that birds could have collars and never have seen them when being inside a pet shop. Thank God you have a kind soul for saving this birds life. Thank you for sharing a touching story.

  4. I can see through reading your post that you care dearly about your bird. I love bird collars, they are a brilliant idea.

  5. I found your website interesting on pet Cockatiels. I do hope your bird is much better and that the bird collars are working well. 

    I found you have an advertisement called simple trick to eliminate dust, You ave it inserted twice. Also, I feel the adds are not really related to your market niche. Maybe when you find some adverts that closely matches your birds would be better.

    Overall, you have a great site full of knowledge on cockatiels that have been written from the heart. Well done!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Yvonne. I, unfortunately, have no control over what Ads Google decides to put there, but they are normally quite good about matching the article to the ad.

  6. It is amazing how our animals show their feelings and how they react to different challenges. Poor birdie. This is an interesting story. I used to have a bird as a pet and enjoyed taking care of her. She also got injured in her foot while I was away and very soon she passed away. When I saw the title of this article, I wondered what could one do with a bird collar. If only we understood animals, we would be better able to take care of them more effectively. This was a valuable lesson for me

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