Super Activity Centers For Birds

If you have a domestic bird, it is always a wonderful idea to get an activity center for them to play on. Birds love to be out of their cages for a bit and having somewhere for them to play and perch will save your couches and furniture from being chewed up.

Activity centers for birds let you provide your bird with both physical and mental stimulation! 

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Why An Activity Center?

Well for the reasons above and to keep your bird happy and entertained. It is a great way for your bird to entertain himself while you get on with your chores. Make sure you stay in close proximity, especially if your bird has a tendency to wander, as you don’t want him getting injured on other hazards in the room.

Providing an activity center or play gym for your parrot enables you to have a defined space where your parrot can explore, play with toys, or just stretch their wings and exercise without being confined to their cage.

If you love DIY or are creative you can even make your own activity centers for your bird to have fun on. Here is a video that shows you exactly how to do it.

If you are not feeling creative, there are many options that can be ordered online for great prices. Here are a few examples. Simply click on the link or the picture to find out more.

Activity Centers For Pet Birds

When choosing a stand for your parrot, think about how and where you will use it. Will you need to take it on trips or vacations? Or, will you be using your bird stand at home, rolling it from room to room?

Small parrots enjoy activity centers that are easy to move to where ever you are in your home so you can keep your bird nearby.  

If you have a large parrot you’ll need to consider a bird stand that is both roomy and sturdy. Again, floor-style bird stands come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of all parrots.

Any activity center that you buy should be easy to clean and able to withstand lots of parrot wing flappin’ fun.

Food bowls and toy hooks add to bird stand usefulness as well as add foraging and enrichment opportunities! 

Kaytee Desktop Activity Center, Green, Medium

  • The durable, deep, crevice-free base makes for easy care and maintenance.
  • Center post with 6 adjustable perches that hold a variety of toys, food and water cups, and green flora accents.
  • Chain and ceiling guards are included so you can create a hanging activity center and save on floor and table space.
  • Base and ceiling guard interlock together as a convenient space-saving storage container when not in use.

Tfwadmx Parrot Playground, Bird Wood Perch Stand Play Gym Hanging Climbing Ladder Swing Cage Chew Toy Activity Center with Bells for Conure, Parakeets, Budgie, Cockatiels, Lovebirds

  • Birds can perch comfortably on this activity center, while it provides entertainment for your little friend.
  • Made of natural wood which is safe and durable for your birds.
  • Easy to install and comes with all the washers and screws.
  • Size – 9.4″ in height,7.2” in length, T stand: 5.9” height,5.7” in length, fit for small and medium-size birds, such as conure, parakeet, cockatiel, budgies, hummingbird, and lovebirds.

Parrots Playground Bird Play Stand Natural Wood Parrot Perch Gym Playpen Parakeet Nest with Feeder Cups Ladders Lovebirds Cage Accessories Toy Exercise Activity Center for Conure Cockatiel Lovebirds

  • This activity center for birds offers many perching areas and a swing ladder.
  • Made of 100% natural wood, without a toxic and irritating smell, all the parts of the perch stand are connected with screws, making the bird’s play gym more sturdy and more stable.
  • PERFECT SIZE: 14.56*10.23*16.92 inch(37*25*43cm) (L * W * H), the perfect portable size of birdcage play stand, is suitable for placing on the desk.
  • Colorful toys to catch the bird’s attention.

Bird Cage Stand Play Gym, Green Cheek Conure Perch Playground, Wood Parrot Climbing Ladder Chewing Chain Swing for Lovebirds Budgies Finches Parakeets, Activity Center, Birdcage Training Accessories

Made from natural beech wood, cotton rope, and dyed with non-toxic materials.

  • Installed with washers and screws, easy to place on top of the birdcage.
  • The Play gym set is approx. 29cm/11.4″ high, 32cm/12.6″ wide. Ladder: 25*10cm/9.84″*3.94″(L*W); Swing: 14cm/5.5″ W; Acrylic chain: 33cm/13″ L.
  • Perfect for small and medium birds, such as green cheek conures, parakeets, cockatiels, budgies, hummingbirds, lovebirds, small cockatoos, amazons, etc. 

I hope that this article has given you some great ideas for an activity center for your feathered friends.

Please post a comment below if you have any questions.


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