Try This Kintor No Mess Bird Feeder

I love the Kintor no mess bird feeder, as it has dramatically reduced the amount of mess on the floor around my bird cages. The see-through bowl encourages your cockatiel to climb into the bowl and eat without messing with the seed while he eats.

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no mess bird feeder

Kintor No Mess Bird Feeder

Size:  5.9×6.3×6.3(HxLxW)

Color:  Clear

Material:  Wood, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, and Metal

Customer Ratings:  4.5 out of 5 stars

This no mess bird feeder is made of strong and durable PU material and even if it drops on the floor, it won’t break. The rough-surfaced stainles steel perch is anti-slip, and your cockatiel won’t be able to chew it up like a normal wooden perch.

I hardly have any more uneaten seed and empty hulls to clean up off the floor anymore thanks to this no mess bird feeder. So now I save on food, as I don’t end up throwing half of it in the dustbin. This feeder will pay for itself over time, as the bird will end up eating the extra food you would normally sweep up off of the floor.

The feeder can be hung either inside or outside the cage. My cockatiel loves to sit there. Maybe it makes him feel like he is outside of his cage.

This particular feeder is meant for cockatiels and smaller sized birds.

It is both easy to assemble and easy to clean. Simply hang bird feeder on your cage, no tools or extra time required, and also you can see in the picture, there are two places to install the metal clips,so that you can hang the feeder inside or outside of cages as you like.

The bird cannot push the container away from the cage to escape as the weight of the seed holds it down against the cage.

To change the food you simply unhook the feeder from the side of the cage. If you have a cage like mine that fits the size of the opening of the feeder, simply unhook the feeder, shut the sliding door and turn the feeder upside down into the trash. Then refill, open door and hang feeder by the hooks.

The only con is that sometimes the birds poop inside the feeder while they are sitting in it which means you will need to clean it out more regularly.

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