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Although cockatiels are a bit more difficult to train than other members of the parrot family, it can be done. If you’re thinking about training your bird to talk, there are a few things you should know to make the process a little easier. Here are a few tips for training cockatiels to talk.building a trusing relationship with your cockatiel


You should be aware that these birds will only try to repeat words that they’re interested in. If they show little interest when you say the word, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that they won’t try to say it. You can easily tell if he’s interested when you say something.


When training cockatiels to talk, it’s best to start out very simple. Don’t try to teach them big words or phrases from the start. Instead, begin with a word that has only one syllable. Keep repeating this word during every training session. Don’t move on to a new one until your bird has learned the first one.


You also need to consider the sex of your bird when training it. If you want a talking cockatiel, then it’s best to get a male as opposed to a female. Male birds can mimic human speech much easier than their female counterparts. It’s pretty hard to tell what sex your bird is if he’s young, so you may need outside help in determining the sex.


It’s best to have treats handy while training cockatiels to talk. If he shows interest in what you’re saying, then you should give him a treat. This will encourage your bird to listen better and try to mimic the word.


These are a few tips for training cockatiels to talk. If you’re new to caring for these birds, then there is much you need to learn about cockatiel care. So, click here now to learn vital cockatiel information to ensure the health and happiness of your birds.

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