Eclectus Parrots As Pets

Eclectus parrots as pets are an interesting choice.

Electus parrots as pets
Male Eclectus

This parrot is native to the Solomon Islands in New Guinea and North Eastern Australia and the Maluku Islands.

The males are normally bright emerald green, and the females are mostly bright red with purple or blue plumage. The difference between the two sexes is extremely rare to see in the parrot family. The females tend to be slightly more aggressive than the males.

In the wild, they are considered pests for eating fruit off of the trees. Their bright feathers are used by native tribal people in New Guinea as decorations.

Eclectus Parrots as Pets

If wanting a bird that talks, the Eclectus parrot is an excellent talker and singer as you can see in the video below. They sound very human. They make extremely good pets if they are well trained, and because they are so inquisitive, they learn quickly.

The Eclectus Parrot in the wild has a communal breeding culture, where uncles and aunties help rear young in a creche-like situation. This sharing and caring feature of the Eclectus makes them naturally perfect pets. They also don’t produce any feather dust as other parrots do, as they have oil glands which they use for preening. This is great news for people allergic to feather dust.

They like to be kept in calm environments. They can also be kept in with other parrot types, as long as they are introduced correctly.

Some people say that Eclectus Parrots as Pets are boring as they tend to be shy, quiet, and boring. This is normally only when there is a change in their routine, or new people around that he has to get used to. Most times they are very animated, curious, affectionate, playful and intelligent pets.

Eclectus parrots as pets
Female Eclectus

They are less noisy and destructive than other large parrot species.

The average lifespan of an Eclectus Parrot is 30 years; but they should be able to live 50 to 75 years, just as other comparably-sized parrots do.

Books About Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots as Pets is my top choice. It delves into the interesting history of the parrot. At first most scientists and explorers believed that the male and female were two different species of birds until the 19th Century.

The book will help you understand all the nuances of Eclectus parrot care. You will also get a breakdown of the financial requirements of the parrot. The idea is to keep the book as realistic as possible to help readers realize that taking care of an ‘Eckie’ is serious business.

Eclectus Parrots as Pets will guide you through the different stages of your parrot’s growth so that you can be prepared at all times. The information provided is an accumulation of the experiences of various Eclectus owners and lovers.

So, you can be sure that the information is not just authentic but also extremely practical. It is suitable even for beginners or newbies in the world of parrot care.

Please comment below if you are the proud owner of an Eclectus Parrot and what you love most about these birds.


  1. Wow, I had no idea the electus parrots were so beautiful! My son has been asking for a pet bird, and my husband and I have been doing a lot of research to see what kind of bird would be suitable for him in our home. It’s really good to know that they are less noisy and that they have a very long life span. I’ve recommended it to my husband and I think we’ll go with this breed. What kind of cage is suitable for the eclectus? Any recommendations would be helpful, thanks for sharing.

    1. Julie, when you buy your Eclectus parrot, ask the shop to show you cages that are suitable. A parrot does need a bigger cage than it’s smaller counterparts like the budgie and the cockatiel.

  2. They look gorgeous! I have never seen a parrot in real life and would love to them live. They sound so real I would probably think it’s a little boy singing if I didn’t know any better. Do you know why they die at age 30 on average if they can live up to 75 years? That is quite a huge difference.

    1. I think they live longer in captivity as they are better cared for. In the wild they have many challenges and I think the average is worked out on all parrots.

  3. The eclectus parrot is so beautiful! I’m reminded of the parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. Is this the same bird species?

    The bird in the video is amazing and clearly intelligent with a distinct personality. I’m sure eclectus parrots make great pets in the proper environment. Are they kid friendly?

  4. Hello, Michel. I love the website and this is great information about Cockatiels and Parrots. Sometimes it is hard to find out what you truly need to make the right decision on a pet. This is clear to the point and solid down to what is needed. I find this a great website and with beautiful birds. I see you are the expert in this field.

    Warm Regards,

    Iris&Sam; Richardson

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