How to Give Your Cockatiel a Spray Bath and Keep His Cage Clean

How To Bath Your Cockatiel

From the outset, you should accustom your bird to being sprayed. At first he will be nervous, but he will quickly learn to enjoy a regular spray bath.

Use a small plant sprayer bottle with a fine nozzle, which will create a mist of water droplets. Fill the bottle with tepid water and be sure to move the seed out of the cage before starting to spray or it may become wet and mouldy.

Wait until your cockatiel is perched quietly, then press the trigger several times aiming it just above the cockatiels head. In this way it will feel like a shower rather than a onslaught of water.

Once your little parrot gets used to this, he will solicit a spray by lifting his wings, fluffing himself out or calling loudly. Apart from washing their plumage, the water will also dampen down feather dust, which may otherwise be wafted into the air and can cause discomfort, especially to asthma sufferers. Cockatiels will produce more feather dust during a molt, so regular spraying at this stage can be useful.

When giving your cockatiel a spray bath, there is no need to drench him. A light covering of water droplets will be sufficient, or your bird might catch a chill. There also isn’t any need to dry the cockatiel after spraying, and if you do this early on a warm day he will dry out naturally.

Similarly you could purchase a bath for your bird similar to the one pictured here.

Cockatiels normally enjoy splashing around in a bath, but make sure they are not placed in a draft when bathing.

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How To Clean the Cage

When giving your cockatiel cage its weekly clean, make life easier for yourself by placing it in the shower, minus your cockatiel and its food.   Run the hot water over it, and then give it a gentle scrub to remove any hard food stuck on the bars of the cage.   Some steel wool or an old toothbrush should work well for this purpose.

Once the cage is clean, spray on some disinfectant that is available at your pet shop.   Make sure that it is bird safe and follow the directions on the bottle.

Rinse again and let the cage dry thoroughly before replacing the food and your cockatiel.   To dry wooden perches off quickly, place them in the warming drawer of your oven.   Let them cool before placing them in the cage.

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